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Chapter 113 - I bet 5000 on Ye Xiwen's victory!

One month passed in an instant, and in this month, Qian Yu faction became the center of attention of many high-level and low-level disciples of Tongtian peak, and not just that, some of the high-level personnel also paid attention to this matter.

And Ye Xiwen's name didn't just become famous among the new disciples, but all of a sudden, a lot of people had come to know of his name. From the rumors, they had also become aware of the fact that new disciples had formed a new faction named Qian Yu faction and a showdown was going to take place for its sake. The name, Qian Yu, had appeared for the first time in the hearts of many people.

However, many people were not optimistic about the development of this new faction, because they knew that Ye Xiwen was going to battle with Mo Han, and no one could imagine the victory of Ye Xiwen, after all, Ye Xiwen was just a new disciple, but Mo Han was considered a famous inner disciple and had also entered among the rankings of seed disciples, although from the last, but there were several thousand inner disciples in the Main Sect, and among them, there were only 100 or so seed disciples, so one could see how powerful Mo Han actually was.

For the inner disciples, this was their most essential goal, because as long as they could become one of the few seed disciples, then they could get a lot of school resources. In any of the great Sects, talented disciples would always be favored and were given more resources and better care compared to ordinary disciples, and no one thought that this was improper because everyone was like that.

Among several thousand inner disciples, being able to attain the rank among the 100 seed disciples, one could imagine the intensity of competition. Even if Mo Han had barely squeezed into the ranks of seed disciples from the bottom, but this was enough to accept the fact that he was extraordinarily strong.

And many people were betting on the victory of Mo Han, because looking at his talent, it was only a matter of time when he would actually occupy a higher rank among the seed disciples.

But who was Ye Xiwen? He was merely a new disciple who joined the Main Sect this year. Although he was considered an extraordinary talent among the new disciples, but his cultivation time was very short. If this battle took place few years later, then no one would be able to make a guess about the victor, but right now, no one was betting on Ye Xiwen's victory.

Once Ye Xiwen was defeated, then the newly formed Qian Yu faction would completely fall apart and would be disbanded according to the terms of the battle.

The day of the battle finally arrived, and on this day, the Life and Death Arena of the Tongtian peak drew a huge crowd and many disciples came to surround the arena. According to the rules of Yi Yuan School, life and death battles were only allowed in the Life and Death Arena, and even if a disciple was to die during the battle, it wouldn't violate the regulation of the school. This arena was built for the disciples who wanted to solve their personal hatred through battles, and as long as both sides were willing to participate, they would themselves control their own life and death, generally speaking, unless there was a bitter hatred and grudge between the two parties, they were not allowed to battle in the Life and Death Arena.

Yi Yuan School didn't want to evade the fact that in the world of martial artists, hatred and misgivings were inevitable and it was better for them to sort it out in a fair battle in the Life and Death Arena, rather than using unfair means to stab each other's back.

Every day, disciples would resolve their grudges and grievances in the Life and Death Arena, but today's battle was one of the most popular ones and had attracted a large crowd. They had come to see the battle between the most famous new disciple, who was representing the new disciples and their newly formed faction, and a famous inner disciple, who had recently joined the ranks of seed disciples and was representing the senior disciples and their factions. For a long time, this kind of situation had not appeared and everyone was curious and excited.

“Come, come, come, the battle's going to start soon, bet on Ye Xiwen's win, if lost then compensation is ten, bet on Mo Han's win, if lost then compensation is 0.5!” A disciple had opened up a gambling house on the side and was shouting loudly. Many disciples started to bet and looking at the odds of the battle, most of them bet on Mo Han's victory, as no one wanted to take a risk and bet on Ye Xiwen's victory, even though the compensation of 10 was very high, because it was no different than betting on a miracle.

“This is so hateful, how dare you look down on our little brother!” A female voice came out from the crowd. Standing in the crowd, there was a pretty woman and appeared to be 20 years old, on her side, stood a handsome youth who appeared to be 23 or 24 years old.

They were actually Ye Ruxue and Ye Feng, the two elder siblings of Ye Xiwen. Today, not just the people of Tongtian peak had gathered around the Life and Death Arena, because, this battle had attracted the attention of a lot of people, even from the other nine peaks. Many disciples from the other nine peaks had rushed over early in the morning to watch this battle.

Ye Ruxue and Ye Feng would naturally come to watch their little brother's fight, in addition to them, the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school had also come to cheer for Ye Xiwen, because no matter what, he was considered the top disciple of their sub-school and had saved them many times.

And not just the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, the new disciples of other sub-schools had also come to watch this battle, because in this battle, Ye Xiwen was not just representing the Qian Yu faction but all of the new disciples and he was also a symbol of resistance against the tyranny of senior disciples. All the eyes were fixated on the arena, curiously anticipating the outcome of the battle.

Seeing the anger seething on Ye Ruxue's face, Ye Feng smiled wryly, because this was quite normal. Nobody was betting on Ye Xiwen's victory and the reason was quite obvious to everyone, of course, except Ye Ruxue, because somehow, she always had a lot of confidence on her little brother.

Standing beside the two siblings were Yan Chiling and Zhangsun Yuyin, and others who were on good terms with Ye Xiwen and had come to watch his battle.

“These senior disciples are really bunch of snobs.” Yan Chiling whispered angrily.

Yan Chiling walked up to the front row of the audience and placed his bet: “I bet three hundred spirit stones on Ye Xiwen's victory!”

Yan Chiling gritted his teeth, but Ye Xiwen was going to fight for the dignity of the new disciples and their faction, so right now, all he could do was show his support.

“I bet four hundred!” Another loud voice followed the voice of Yan Chiling and it belonged to Ye Feng, “I bet on Ye Xiwen's victory!”

“I bet one hundred!” Ye Ruxue clenched her teeth and said.

“I bet thirty!”

“I bet ten!”

Seeing this, several top disciples also betted on Ye Xiwen's victory and many new disciples also joined them and betted in favor of Ye Xiwen.

The disciple responsible in the gambling house gave somewhat dumbfounded looks to the people who were betting in favor of Ye Xiwen. He just couldn't understand what made these new disciples to suddenly go crazy and they started betting on Ye Xiwen's victory which was simply impossible.

Did not they know that they would lose everything? Although the compensation of 10 looked very attractive if won, but there was no chance of winning for Ye Xiwen, so how could they even dare to bet when they knew that they could lose 10 times the bet they were placing?

These country bumpkins!

The disciple secretly laughed, but there a look of enthusiasm on his face as he warmly received the spirit stones from the new disciples, and with eleven registrations in favor of Ye Xiwen, he also started to look forward to seeing the faces of these country bumpkins once they would lose their bets. Although with one look, it seemed that these people were stupid to be betting on a miracle but even if they had betted in favor of Mo Han, they wouldn't have won back much with only the compensation of 0.5, so even if they were fools, it was better to try their luck for once rather than playing it safe.

“Who else wants to bet? Hurry up, the duel is about to start!” The disciple shouted.

“I bet 5000 on Ye Xiwen's victory!”

A slim cyan figure appeared at the entrance.


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