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Chapter 110 - Breakthrough in battle

“Kara!” Snow ape’s arm directly broke under the tremendous might of 'Coiling Dragon Palm'.

A startled look flashed on the face of the Snow ape. It never expected that a single strike from Ye Xiwen could actually fracture its arm.

Ye Xiwen slightly gasped for breath, as this move had just now consumed 10% of his Xiantian Zhen Qi. Although the might of this move was very large, but even so, it couldn't kill the Snow ape and could only fracture its arm. This Snow ape was really formidable!

However, Ye Xiwen's blood had begun to boil up and seethe with excitement. At present, his current strength was enough to easily defeat the masters of peak Xiantian third stage and he could even contend with the masters of early Xiantian fourth stage.

And right now, his opponent was a Snow ape that had just broken into the Xiantian fourth stage and had yet to consolidate its strength. So this time, two opponents of rivaling strengths had met in battle, so it was bound to be exciting for both of them.

The perfect opponents!

Snow ape had come to realize that Ye Xiwen's strength was ridiculously large, and it couldn't fight recklessly with him. With another 'Kara' sound, the broken bone in its arm returned back to its original position, and suddenly, it pulled out a giant stick out of nowhere and jumped towards Ye Xiwen and smashed the stick which released numerous shadows and one could see that it contained the essence of the stick technique which was stronger compared to the Snow ape fist technique. It was obvious that this Snow ape had practiced the stick technique to a very profound level.

Ye Xiwen did not hesitate and took out his long blade and chopped out.

“Boom!” A bright Daomang released from the blade and clashed fiercely with the stick Jinmeng, and with a bang, a loud thunder-like sound spread in the surrounding area. (NT: Jinmeng: fierce strength)

Both sides had to step back because their equally powerful attacks couldn't do anything to the other side.

Ye Xiwen dashed forward and his figure instantly shot out like a shell and collided with the Snow ape.




An intermittent bursts of huge collision sounds spread while both of them were trying all they could to press down the other one.

Snow ape finally realized that this time, his selection of opponent was wrong, and didn't seem like a good deal. One could say that it had chosen a wrong opponent this time, because initially it had thought that he would prove to be a very good opponent to test its newly obtained strength of Xiantian fourth stage. But now, it had become difficult for the Snow ape to deal with a formidable opponent like Ye Xiwen.

However, an ominous aura completely broke out from deep inside the blood vessels of its beastly body, and at this moment, its initially unstable state, after continuously fighting with Ye Xiwen, had begun to show signs of consolidation. The snow ape lifted its face upward and began to roar loudly and ferociously.

Ye Xiwen couldn't take this lightly because if Snow ape continued to consolidate its state then its strength would increase dramatically.

But he had earned a great deal of benefit by fighting with this Snow ape, because after his unceasing collisions with it, at this moment, the initial sturdy barrier on his inner state had slowly begun to loosen up, and his strength had started to rise.

The strength of both sides was rising continuously and the collisions between them had still continued. Both sides were enduring patiently hoping to completely crush the opposite party in the next attack.

Ye Xiwen was not very anxious as he knew that the Snow ape was going to reach its limit very soon, and once the consolidation of its state would complete, the rise in its strength would come to a stop, but, his case was different, as he could still have a breakthrough, and after having the breakthrough, his strength would increase by leaps and bounds and then he would be able to kill it.

At that time, let alone a demon beast of early Xiantian fourth stage, even the demon beasts of peak Xiantian fourth stage would be easily defeated by him.

Snow ape had never felt so aggrieved. It was already at the Xiantian fourth stage but it had still been unable to overwhelm a mere human of Xiantian second stage. It was very proud of its unparalleled tough body but it still couldn't fully prevail over Ye Xiwen, in fact, it had a faint feeling of getting suppressed instead.

It didn't know that Ye Xiwen had practiced “Tyrants body technique” and this was the reason why he possessed such a tough body. This was an unparalleled ancient technique used by the ancient tyrant gods to train their bodies.

Although Ye Xiwen had practiced it to the second layer but the toughness of his body had already increased to a very high level.

Snow ape was at a far higher cultivation level compared to Ye Xiwen, but it had still been unable to completely suppress him, and it had also sensed that he had slowly started to become stronger. Moreover his breath was rising constantly and had started to become more and more thick, which clearly indicated that Ye Xiwen was about to have a breakthrough.

“Cannot let this human have a breakthrough!” A thought echoed in its mind, though it couldn't speak, but its wisdom had increased to a considerable extent after reaching the Xiantian fourth stage and it could clearly feel how dangerous it would be if Ye Xiwen was allowed to have a breakthrough.

Snow ape no longer hesitated and waved its huge stick, covered in ice-cold aura, which immediately froze the air and it seemed as if the surrounding area had turned into a world of snow and ice.

The huge stick had yet to arrive near Ye Xiwen but that kind of enormous breath and cold atmosphere fiercely pounded with an irresistible force, as if a huge iceberg had smashed down in front of him.

This coercive aura put intense pressure on Ye Xiwen's body and his bones started to produce crackling sounds as the result of his bones rubbing against each other.

Ye Xiwen sneered and the Zhen Qi began to madly surge inside his body. The long blade danced in his hand and chopped out a dazzling Daomang.

The two imposing attacks met in the midair, staggered, and fiercely collided with each other, causing the Zhen Qi and Yaoqi to mutually evaporate in the air, and erupted the smoke and fireworks everywhere.

Ye Xiwen's Daomang, bit by bit, collapsed under the pressure of Snow ape's iceberg-like stick, and it pressed down on his body.

An enormous imposing aura suddenly broke out like a hurricane from his body, and his original inner state at the peak of Xiantian second stage with 60% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi, under the intense pressure of this imposing aura, transformed an additional 20% Xiantian Zhen Qi inside his body, reaching 80% Xiantian Zhen Qi, which was now comparable to the transformation of a master at the peak of Xiantian fourth stage.

Rising straight from 60% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi to 80% Xiantian Zhen Qi, Ye Xiwen's aura immediately changed and the Daomang that had initially collapsed started to reappear and became even powerful than before, and it suddenly crashed into the iceberg and shattered it into ice fragments which were sent fluttering about in the air.


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