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Chapter 111 - Jing Yannan

A panic-stricken facial expression appeared on the face of the Snow ape and it was looking at Ye Xiwen with a look of horror in its eyes. After having a breakthrough, his fighting strength had suddenly increased to such an extent that now it could be compared with the strength of masters at the peak of Xiantian fourth stage. How could this human become so formidable after having a break through?

This also symbolized that the battle efficiency of Ye Xiwen had also made a new breakthrough!

However the Snow ape was unwilling to give up. This beast was very clever and it wanted to take advantage of Ye Xiwen's unstable inner state that had yet to consolidate. It was looking for an opportunity to catch him off guard and kill him.

A cunning and deceitful look flashed in the blood-red eyes of the Snow ape, but Ye Xiwen did not make it wait for too long and chopped out his long blade which blossomed out brilliant glorious Bladeqi, shadowing the sky.

Ye Xiwen's blade technique had become even more fearsome and even the Snow ape had to go all out with rapt attention in the face of this blade attack.

The Snow ape roared and the snow and ice start swirling in the air and gathered in front of it to form an ice wall, in order to resist Ye Xiwen's blade attack.

But this ice wall's defense didn't live up to Snow ape's expectation, and in an instant, it was cut down into two parts as if cutting a slip of paper and collapsed down under the formidable power of Ye Xiwen's Daomang.

“Puchi!” The dazzling Daomang cut into the body of Snow ape and chopped its Iron-like tough body into two halves causing its blood to splatter and its flesh to fly in all directions. It died an instant death with an inconceivable look in its eyes.

It had just reached the Xiantian fourth stage and had yet to run amuck to enjoy the newly gained strength but it did a blunder by choosing a wrong opponent and the result was that it was split in half in a single blade attack!

Ye Xiwen relaxed and thought that this Snow ape was really very formidable and if he had not reached the peak of Xiantian second stage then it would be very difficult to deal with it.

But, after this, a look of joy flashed in his eyes, after all, he had finally reached the peak of Xiantian second stage. Not just that, he was quite surprised to find out that in just one breakthrough, 80% of the Houtian Zhen Qi inside his body had transformed into the Xiantian Zhen Qi, and now, he could easily contend with a master at the peak of Xiantian fourth stage. The next step would be the so-called complete transformation of 100% Houtian Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi.

Then, suddenly, a ray of light dropped from the sky and Ye Xiwen lifted his hand to receive it. It was a message from Yan Chiling that was received by the summoning Talisman. Ye Xiwen used his Zhen Qi to probe inside the talisman and a bunch of information instantly poured into his mind.

It was a message from Yan Chiling!

Ye Xiwen didn't waste any time and immediately whistled, the very next instant, the red-crowned quickly flew down from the sky. For the last three days, it had been hovering in the air, ready and waiting to answer the summon call from Ye Xiwen.

Riding the red-crowned crane at maximum speed, within half an hour, Ye Xiwen returned to the Main Sect.

Ye Xiwen frowned because just as he had expected, those people from other factions wouldn't give up that easily and had finally come after their Qian Yu faction, though not all factions were hostile against them.

There were a lot of factions with varying strengths. Some factions were very strong, especially those created by the true disciples, but they only accepted core disciples as members of their factions or extraordinarily talented inner or outer disciples. The moderately powerful factions accepted new disciples and inner disciples as members, and those factions at the bottom of hierarchy accepted outer disciples and even some handyman disciples in their factions.

So fortunately, the Qian Yu faction created by the new disciples hadn't made all of the factions as its enemy, but even so, it had to face three of four hostile factions belonging to the Tongtian peak, as they originally were the competitors, however this time, they had joined forces to suppress Qian Yu faction.

Whenever a faction would rise in power, it would generally face resistance from other factions.

After Ye Xiwen hurried back to the Tongtian peak, he didn't see the large number of disciples at the gate, as mentioned in the message sent by Yan Chiling on his summoning talisman.

He was not much worried about the safety of the new disciples, after all, inside the premises of the Main sect, those senior disciples wouldn't dare to be too presumptuous, though they might try to bully and oppress the new disciples, but no one would dare to go as far as to kill someone, because once a life was taken, it would probably alarm the high level personnel.

In general, the high-level senior disciples didn't bully the new disciples, and as long as the new disciples didn't cause too much trouble, they wouldn't directly intervene. In their eyes, this was part of the discipline that must be followed in the Sect and they weren't generally interested in mediocre disciples. They were only interested in talented outstanding disciples because the existence of one outstanding disciple was far more important to them compared to a thousand mediocre disciples.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen wasn't expecting to see a very bad situation and wanted to hurry back in order to stop the situation from escalating. These rival factions needed to know that Qian Yu faction wasn't made up of weak people and they could fight back if needed.

Ye Xiwen reached the Tongtian peak and was surprised to find Yan Chiling talking to a handsome youth clad in elegant Chinese robe.

“Brother Yan, what's this all about?” Ye Xiwen asked Yan Chiling in a surprised tone because he had frantically sent the message to Ye Xiwen some time ago, but now, the things looked pretty normal to him.

Seeing that Ye Xiwen had come back, Yan Chiling's face lighted up and that handsome youth looked at Ye Xiwen with a surprised and curious look in his eyes.

Yan Chiling smiled and said: “Brother Ye, this time, we were lucky that Brother Jing came to help us out.”

After listening to the explanation of Yan Chiling, Ye Xiwen finally came to understand that a large number of senior disciples had arrived at the gate and Yan Chiling had panicked and had frantically messaged Ye Xiwen, but this handsome youth named Jing Yannan came to mediate between them and the opposite party agreed to a temporarily truce.

“I want to thank Brother Jing for your help this time.” Ye Xiwen cupped one hand over the other across his chest and said in a respectful manner.

“No harm, I came at the request of someone to help you.” Jing Yannan smiled and said.

Ye Xiwen was confused as he couldn't make a guess. Who would actually send help for him?

Noticing the confused look on Ye Xiwen's face, Yan Chiling smiled and said: “You don't need to guess because I will gladly tell you who it was. It was actually Sister Hua who sent us help this time!”


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