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Chapter 109 - Snow ape

In an instant, three days had already passed and within these three days, Ye Xiwen had went deeper into the mountain forest and had also encountered numerous demon beasts. He didn't know the names of many of these demon beasts and some of them had attacked together in groups. He also encountered many demon beasts with their fighting strength comparable to that of the masters of peak Xiantian third stage.

During these three days, Ye Xiwen didn't get a tiny bit of relaxation time, and the more he wanted to have a breakthrough, the more he would force himself into tempering his body and inner state in the most extreme situations.

But he was not in a hurry because he had not yet received any message from the Yan Chiling. He and Yan Chiling had already decided that if something happened then Yan Chiling would immediately tell him using the subpoena Talisman, and Ye Xiwen would immediately fly on his red-crowned crane and rush back at maximum speed. (NT: Subpoena Talisman is a type of summoning talisman)

Therefore, Ye Xiwen was not anxious at the moment and was practicing in the forest without worrying about the safety of his comrades.

But, he had to deal with his own worries. During these three days, he hadn't dared to take rest, because if he had decided to rest and had lost attention even for an instant, then perhaps, he would really lose his life the very next instant. This forest was the most dangerous environment he had experienced so far, and even the dangerous environment of Huanmo territory was nothing compared to this, let alone the forest on the backside of Qingfeng Mountain. There were a lot of terrifyingly strong demon beasts present in this forest and even the slightest carelessness could cause death.

Several times, Ye Xiwen had encountered danger in this forest, although he had continued to go deeper into the forest for three days, but as a result of constantly encountering demon beasts as well as his careful advancement through the forest, he had not actually advanced too deep and was still in the outermost region.

However, even if he was still in the outer region of the forest, it was still packed with a large number of Xiantian realm demon beasts. Wandering in this region for the last three days, he had not seen a single Houtian realm demon beast, and the reason for that was it was impossible for Houtian ream demon beasts to survive in this region of the forest.

Ye Xiwen was sure that once he would go deeper into the forest, he would definitely encounter Xiantian fifth stage demon beasts or above, and he suspected that even the Zhen dao realm demon beasts were present in the deeper parts of the forest. Zhen dao realm disciples would come to practice in this forest all year round, so it could be guessed that there definitely were a lot of Zhen Dao realm demon beasts lurking in the deeper parts of this forest.

However this was only his speculation and he did not have the evidence to back it up.

Within these three days, Ye Xiwen had faced many life and death situations and had still continued to practice in order to have a breakthrough and this kind of practice had shown great benefits. Now, he had arrived at the peak of transformation of 60% Xiantian Zhen Qi. He felt as if there was a big reservoir of water in his body, filled to the brink, and with every movement of his body, he would have a feeling as if the water would pour out from the reservoir.

He was very familiar with this kind of feeling as this was a sign that he was very close to having a breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen was jumping from one branch to the other when suddenly, hails started to fall down from the sky without any prior indication or warning.

Ye Xiwen immediately propped up his Zhen Qi, as he had become very used to during these three days. It was said that a formidable demon beast could induce a change in the weather, not to mention there were so many formidable demon beasts lurking in this forest.

Fortunately, the good thing was that this sudden weather change was on a limited scale and was definitely caused by a demon beast of limited ability, so it would be easy for him to leave this affected area and avoid confronting the demon beast behind it.

The size of the hail grew bigger and bigger and the nearby trees directly bent after getting hit by these hails, but didn't collapse down, after all, these trees had been nourished after getting subjected to divine Lingqi day and night, and although it could not be said that these trees were similar to other Lingqi rich treasures, but they were still strong enough to bear this hail storm.

However, it didn't go as he had planned, because he couldn't escape from the scope of this hail storm and ran right into the demon beast that was the reason behind this sudden weather change.

It was actually a Snow ape. It was a giant demon beast with a huge body, three meters tall, its whole body was covered with snow-white hair, and there was an aggressive look on its face.

Ye Xiwen immediately realized that this hail storm was caused because this Snow ape was having a breakthrough, and had just broken through to the Xiantian fourth stage, and since his breath was still unstable, he had lost control over its powers and had caused this unusual change in the weather of the surrounding area.

“Roar!” Snow ape hammered its huge fists on its chest and roared wildly, again agitating the surrounding weather by suddenly causing a blizzard, spreading the wind and snow in all directions.

Each of its punches would cause air explosions producing a rumbling down and would also induce a snowstorm in the surroundings. It seemed as if this Snow ape had practiced a fist technique and this was actually the fist technique of the Snow apes, although the movement was very simple, but it was extremely powerful and heavy.

Snow ape's eyes were firmly locked onto Ye Xiwen and there was an ominous look in its eyes. After all he had dared to enter into its territory, but Ye Xiwen noticed that it had an eager expression on its face along with a hint of excitement mixed with it.

Ye Xiwen was surprised for a moment. Although, he had seen many wise Xiantian demon beasts that possessed high intellect, but, he had never seen a demon beast like Snow ape who was showing such an anthropomorphic expression on its face. Even he could make out that this Snow ape was excited at the moment, and it was said that the stronger a demon beast was, the greater its intellect would be, not to mention, the ape class demon beasts were considered closest to the humanity.

Ye Xiwen now clearly understood that this Snow ape had just now broken through to the Xiantian fourth stage and was looking to have a match with him.

Ye Xiwen was still thinking how to deal with this Snow ape when suddenly, its fist punched out a terrible blast of snow and ice, made up of its Zhen Qi, which instantly rumbled towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen did not dare to take Snow ape's attack too lightly, as after having a breakthrough it had become a demon beast of Xiantian fourth stage. He immediately pulled out his long blade and chopped out.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen launched his blade attack towards the snowstorm rushing towards him and the collision instantly set off a terrifying blast which blasted away Ye Xiwen into the air and his body was instantly frozen stiff.

Ye Xiwen quickly released this stiffness by circulating the Zhen Qi throughout his body, but at this time, it could be seen from its facial expression that the Snow ape was getting more and more excited. It rushed forward, trotting on the ground while making huge footprints and then pounced on Ye Xiwen. (NT: And that's how Ye Xiwen became the first person to find the big foot!)

The movements of Snow ape were extremely quick and it looked like a white lightning when it instantly threw itself in front of Ye Xiwen. At this instant, in Ye Xiwen's eyes, it appeared as if a huge snow-covered mountain had suddenly appeared right in front of him, but he didn't get enough time to react as its furry huge fist immediately punched out with a burst of cold air.

The Snow ape continued to throw its ice-cold punches relentlessly one after the other at Ye Xiwen, without giving him any chance to recuperate.

The terrifying coercive aura of Snow ape was firmly locked on him and combined with its ice-cold presence, it was very hard for him to breathe. Ye Xiwen shouted and shot out his palm, Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss.

“Roar!” Soon, a gigantic Dragon instantly congealed out of his palm and leapt high into the sky then it descended towards the Snow ape.

“Boom!” The gigantic Dragon malicious collided with the arm of Snow ape that it had lifted up to block.

“Kara!” Snow ape’s arm directly broke under the tremendous might of 'Coiling Dragon Palm'.


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