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(NT: I am kinda busy with real life stuff so it will take time for the release of Chapter 109 & 110. For now, enjoy reading chapter 108. Thanks to Shea Fincher (US) and Étienne Bédard (Canada) for sponsoring Chapter 108)

Chapter 108 - Practice in the forest

Ye Xiwen was standing on a tree branch. He had entered fairly deep into the mountain forest, and as he had gone deeper into the forest, the strength of the demon beasts had continued to increase as well. Although, only Houtian level demon beasts were present on the outer areas of the forest, but the weakest among them was only at the Houtian seventh or eighth stage, and compared to the average level of demon beasts present in the Qingfeng Mountain, this was a lot intense.

“Phew!” A shrill piercing cry came out of nowhere and a cold brightness flashed behind Ye Xiwen. He almost instinctively dodged and somersaulted to another tree, and at this time, he finally got a chance to look at what it was.

It was a Praying mantis, about two meters tall, covered with dark-green outer shell, and its two giant blade-like forelegs were dancing, issuing a fabric tear like sound in the surroundings.

It had two thick and huge fangs pointing out of its mouth which was densely covered with fine teeth and could easily snap a steel bar with a single bite. It had two huge wings flapping on its back blowing the wind high up in the sky.

Seeing that Ye Xiwen had avoided its attack, the giant Praying mantis gave out a loud scream, flapped its huge wings, and its huge figure instantly rushed with a lightning speed towards him. The pair of steel blade like forelegs brandished instantly and like two giant scissors, they approached to cut him. Unexpectedly, this attack was very much similar to martial arts technique.

Praying mantis fist!

This Praying mantis clearly possessed wisdom and high intellect, because it was easily displaying the Praying mantis fist, and one could see that its attacks and gestures looked similar to the Praying mantis fist technique practiced by humans.

The Praying mantis had opened up the world bridge that had helped in circulating the Zhen Qi through the meridians present in its body. It had already entered into the Xiantian realm and its fighting prowess was comparable to the warriors of peak Xiantian second stage.

Its blade-like forelegs released a sharp Bladeqi and instantly chopped out towards Ye Xiwen.

“You filthy beast!” Ye Xiwen shouted then took out his long blade and instantly chopped out a terrifying Bladeqi towards the incoming Bladeqi released from the forelegs of Praying mantis.

“Boom!” The two shares of Bladeqi severely clashed and caused a huge explosion, but then, the terrifying Bladeqi released from Ye Xiwen's long blade dispersed the Praying mantis's Bladeqi and rushed forward.

The eyes of Praying mantis revealed an astonished look. It was a demon beast that had got wisdom after breaking through from Houtian realm to the Xiantian realm, which was definitely not easy for a demon beast, so it could feel that Ye Xiwen would not be so easy to deal with.

The Praying mantis immediately realized that although this human looked small but it was definitely not an opponent it could take lightly. It didn't hesitate and immediately flapped its wings and flew into the air to dodge the terrifying Bladeqi.

“Want to escape?” Ye Xiwen sneered and suddenly jumped up towards the Praying mantis like a shell ejected from the cannon.

Ye Xiwen's form was like an arrow, and immediately appeared in front of the Praying mantis in the air. His terrifying Zhen Qi completely burst out and after adjusting his stature in the midair, he took a stance and struck his long blade towards the mantis.

A terrifying Daomang split the air and instantly chopped out.

“Puchi!” The tough dark-green outer shell covering the body of Praying mantis instantly shattered and its whole body was split in half.

“Boom!” The two halves of the huge body of Praying mantis fell on the ground and Ye Xiwen also landed on the ground with ease. He stored the entire body of the Praying mantis in his space ring, as even the corpses of Xiantian level demon beasts were considered as precious treasures. Its outer shell could be processed into armor and its two blade-like forelimbs could be used to make high-quality long blades. Of course he did not have the skill to make these weapons, but there were others who were quite skilled in making weapons from the bodies of demon beasts, and he could sell the corpse of Praying mantis to them in exchange of some spirit stones.

Although he won't get many spirit stones in exchange for Praying mantis's corpse, but as they say that many little drops make an ocean.

Ye Xiwen did not stay and was about to leave when suddenly, he heard the sound of flapping wings coming from the sky. A flock of carrion vultures had been attracted to the smell of blood coming from the blood stains of Praying mantis left on the ground.

Most of these carrion vultures were at the Houtian ninth stage, nearly two meters tall and wing span of over five meters and were hiding the sky and covering the earth. (NT: 'hiding the sky and covering the earth' is an idiom)

The leader of the flock was significantly taller than the others and looked formidable and its whole body was covered in golden yellow feather. It was none other than the golden carrion vulture king.

Although, this was a small flock of carrion vultures and was definitely not the strongest ones present in the forest, but this area of the forest was their territory.

When these carrion vultures couldn't find the body of Praying mantis, they suddenly rushed towards Ye Xiwen. Many of the carrion vultures flocked together on him and their sharp claws fiercely approached to tear him apart.

If he was an average person then he would have instantly been torn to shreds.

“These beasts!” Ye Xiwen shouted and instantly chopped out his long blade. Nine blade shadows appeared and rushed towards the flock of carrion vultures and several carrion vultures were instantly split in half by this terrifying large scale blade attack.

Ye Xiwen continued to attack relentlessly while his long blade kept on dancing in his hand and releasing blade shadows horizontally and vertically towards the flock. Ye Xiwen's blade attacks were so incredible that none of the carrion vultures could bear even a single attack. Even their leader, a Xiantian realm carrion vulture, was not a match of Ye Xiwen. He would effortlessly wave his blade and several carrion vultures would fall down, chopped in pieces.

These carrion vultures had surrounded Ye Xiwen like huge black clouds and were crying out strange terrifying sounds which could send chills down the spines of anyone who would hear them.

Ye Xiwen's figure flashed and moved gracefully while his blade waved and released a bright Bladelight which completely wrapped him in a sphere of light without leaving any gap. There was no way left for the carrion vultures to approach him and those who tried to get close to him were instantly chopped down in pieces and fell on the ground.

Ye Xiwen's long blade was constantly dancing in his hand releasing a terrifying Bladelight everywhere. Those carrion vultures didn't get any chance to dodge and met their tragic deaths while screaming pitifully.

After a while, hundreds of mighty carrion vultures had been slaughtered and turned into a pile of chopped up corpses, leaving only the golden carrion vulture king. When he saw how Ye Xiwen had killed his own people, the golden carrion vulture king got extremely furious and flew towards Ye Xiwen with an incredibly fast speed with its golden body resembling a golden arrow rushing towards him.

Ye Xiwen's blade chopped out a dazzling Bladelight.

“Clang!” The Bladelight fiercely crashed into the body of golden carrion vulture king producing a metal clashing sound, however, his body was abnormally sturdy as if it was made of iron and wasn't chopped down in pieces like the other carrion vultures.

However, after taking Ye Xiwen's blade attack head on, the golden carrion vulture felt dizzy and his body was blasted away and fiercely crashed into a tree. Ye Xiwen's eyes flashed and his stature instantly soared towards the golden carrion vulture king and he immediately chopped down his blade.

“Puchi!” Although the body of golden carrion vulture king was extremely tough, but this time, Ye Xiwen directly used his blade to sever the head of the golden carrion vulture king from his body.

Ye Xiwen relaxed but there were just too many corpses of these carrion vultures so he decided to take only the demon cores.

“This level of practice is not enough to have a breakthrough, I must work harder.” Ye Xiwen said and went deeper into the forest.


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