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Chapter 1100 - Huge Changes

"We've finally reached this place!"

Tang Huan was smiling merrily. According to what Yu Feiyan had revealed, she and Shan Shan had fallen into a spatial crack and trap at the lakeside respectively.

Although she didn't know the exact location, she told him about the distinct characteristics of the mountains near the shore of the lake.

Next, Tang Huan only needed to walk along the shore of the lake, find the few mountains that Yu Feiyan had mentioned, and then find the place where Shan Shan had fallen.

As for this painting …

Tang Huan suddenly realized that the speed of the scroll painting, which was originally only tens of metres away, had increased by countless of times without any warning. In less than a blink of an eye, the scroll painting had turned into a small white dot in the distant sky, before completely disappearing without a trace.

This turn of events was so sudden that Tang Huan was instantly dumbfounded. He subconsciously stopped in his tracks, and his sacred art "Flowing Gold" also abruptly stopped.

Tang Huan never expected that the speed of the mountain and river painting would actually reach such a terrifying level.

However, after the initial surprise, Tang Huan secretly rejoiced in his heart. It was fortunate that it did not display such speed in the beginning, otherwise, even if Tang Huan used his fastest "Yin and Yang Void Method Air Escape", he might not be able to catch up.

Even more so, it was impossible for him to arrive here so quickly. Even though the mountain and river painting had disappeared, its existence had caused Tang Huan to avoid taking the wrong path.

"Forget it. Obtain my fortune and lose my life!"

Tang Huan could vaguely guess that there must be some huge secret hidden on that Mountain and River Painting. However, since it had already disappeared, no matter how much he thought about it, it would be useless. After a while, Tang Huan had already adjusted his mental state, but just as he was preparing to continue following the river bank, a change suddenly occurred.

"Rumble …"

In the depths of the towering giant lake, an earth-shaking ringing sound suddenly erupted. In an instant, it had already resounded throughout the entire "Sword Illusion Paradise".

At this moment, the entire space seemed to tremble.

Immediately after, a terrifying sound wave that could be seen with the naked eye swept out in all directions from above the lake. Everywhere this sound wave passed, the fragile space began to crack and crack. In a short span of time, countless space cracks appeared in the holy abode.

After a split-second, cries of surprise rose and fell from all the cultivators within thousands of meters of the eastern region of the holy abode.

At the edge of the lake, Tang Huan's heart was thumping loudly, the cave that was broken down, could it be that he could no longer hold on, and was about to collapse? Even if this "Sword Illusion Paradise" was barely able to hold on, being disturbed by such a commotion, Shan Shan's situation would probably become even more dangerous.

In the next moment, Tang Huan became extremely anxious.


Then, like a bolt of lightning, Tang Huan began to fly along the shore of the lake. But after a second, he couldn't help but raise his eyebrows and look over.

In the middle of the lake, space rippled like a ripple. Above the lake, the landscape painting that had not disappeared for long once again appeared, and with a speed that was hard to catch with his mind, it expanded rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it covered the entire lake, and then, it whizzed past Tang Huan's head and continued to extend in all directions.

"What's the situation?"

Looking at the Mountain River Painting that had become extremely huge, Tang Huan's face slightly changed, his heart was shaken, what exactly is this Mountain River Painting, with its expanding power, it seemed to want to include the entire 'Sword Illusion Paradise' … Was it being controlled by something?

Just as Tang Huan was in a state of shock, in the distant eastern part of the holy abode, those two hundred cultivators were even more shocked.

They had just split into 10 squads of nearly 200 people with 10 Void Transformation Stage powerhouses as their captains, and then spread out to search everywhere. But not long after, they were first scared witless by the loud sound that came from an unknown place, and then they started to see illusory images of mountains and rivers high up in the sky.

The illusions covered the sky and the earth. It was unknown just how vast they were!

As soon as he entered the "Sword Illusion Paradise", he realized that this was not a good omen. At this moment, not only were the Nascent Profound cultivators a little flustered, even the ten Void Transformation Stage experts could not help but feel anxious, but they also resisted the urge to show it.

If even they were thrown into chaos, the other people in the group would become even more at a loss.

Although they were in different positions, after an instant, the ten Void Transformation Stage experts gave out the same order. Thus, every group of cultivators had gathered into a group, maintaining their vigilance and waiting to see what would happen. High up in the sky, that illusion was simply too astonishing, causing them to not dare to act rashly.


In just a short span of one or two breaths, everyone heard a burst of whistling sound, and it became more and more powerful, as if a hurricane was sweeping over from afar. Immediately after, many cultivators understood how the whistling sound came about. In the sky, Pang Shuo's illusion of mountains and rivers was shrinking at a rapid pace.

"This is bad!"

"Be careful!"



In the blink of an eye, within a radius of several thousand meters, ten Void Transformation Stage experts had simultaneously roared.

That illusion shrunk, and actually swept up an incomparably terrifying power of sucking. The power of the sucking had no effect on the sand, rocks and vegetation on the ground, but it seemed to target cultivators like them. The moment they sensed the power of the sucking, fear arose from the bottom of the hearts of the ten Void Transformation Stage experts.

However, their warnings had no effect, the illusions were shrinking too quickly, and the power of the sucking was also ridiculously strong.

"Clan Elder, save … "Help!"

"We're going to be sucked away."

"It's over, it's over!"


Within a radius of a few thousand meters, nearly two hundred silhouettes soared into the sky.

Such a terrifying power of sucking swept across, regardless of whether it was a Void Transformation Stage expert or a Profound Opening Cultivator, they were all the same. Not to mention resisting, before they even had the chance to resist, they were already caught in midair, disappearing into the illusion of mountains and rivers.

Within a strange space somewhere within the Sword Illusion Paradise.

"Phew!" "Whooosh."

The air was stuffy and it seemed extremely oppressive, and rapid breathing echoed in the air one after the other. "Hahahaha …" "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! … … … … …

On top of the giant rock, a young woman stood proudly. She held a long blue bow in her hand and wore a black robe, her body was tall and slim, and her face was beautiful beyond compare.

Dozens of meters in the air in front of her, there was a black hole a few meters in radius, from which ghostly wails and wolfish howls could be heard from time to time.

Below the black hole, dozens of vicious beasts had fallen. They were like bats, but their size was hundreds of times that of bats.


Another scream rang out.

From within the black hole, another black shadow suddenly sprang out, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws at the woman in black. The aura that it emitted was extremely cold. It was those giant bats. Behind them, there were actually three more of them. Once they left the black hole, they spread out to the surroundings.

Some people's curses were too harsh, so they only had 100 thousand saved up, then added more details to it when it came to 100 thousand saved up. Recently, there was a huge explosion and there was a delay of a few days, so there wasn't much left to save. In a few more days, the release will be over, I thank everyone for their support.

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