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Chapter 948 - An Auction

On top of the ruins, a wooden house was quickly rebuilt. As Tang Huan's personal living quarters, Sly Ling and the others built a few other wooden houses dozens of meters away, surrounding them in all directions like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon.

Not long after, another house appeared beside Tang Huan's residence. Li Shi Jun had actually moved her and her little sister's residence all the way here.

The reason she did this was simple.

Firstly, Li Xiang Jun was still unconscious, so she couldn't relax. If there was anything that was being repeated, Tang Huan could help at any time, and secondly, if Tang Huan were to meet Tang Huan again, it would be faster to help.

This was half surveillance and half protection.

Tang Huan also allowed her to go, furthermore, with a fierce God like her living in the vicinity, the benefits were indeed huge. At the very least, the cultivators that were spying on them had fled far away, it was obvious that they were wary of her methods, and did not dare to act so brazenly.

Another day passed.

Inside the wooden house, Tang Huan's body was like a sculpture, his mind as calm as water. However, he was pondering over the various battle skills and spells that he had learned from the memories of Ge Jian Peak and the rest.

These five puppets were all from large sects, so the things they trained in were naturally not that bad.

After researching for only a day, Tang Huan felt that he had improved a lot.

"Dong Dong"

Knocking sounds came out, Tang Huan woke up from his stupor, and the clamoring sounds came into his ears. Presumably, it was already noon. With a leap, he pushed the door open and looked, in Tang Huan's line of sight, there were many people moving shoulder to shoulder, there were at least thousands of cultivators gathered in the empty space in front of the wooden hut.

The person who had just knocked on the door was Sly. Wang Han, Ge Jian Feng, and Rong Hai blocked the path in front of them, separating them from the wooden house by twenty to thirty meters.

Scanning with his eyes, Tang Huan saw Li Shijun again, sitting cross-legged on a flat boulder between the two wooden houses.

As if she had noticed Tang Huan's gaze, Li Shi Jun shot a glance over in the blink of an eye. With a cold snort, her eyes slightly closed, as if she was indifferent about everything that was happening in front of her.

Tang Huan laughed, and then nodded his head towards Ling Wei.

"Everyone, the weapon auction has officially begun …"

He knew what he meant and shouted loudly. The originally bustling crowd immediately quietened down, and everyone's attention all focused on Tang Huan.


The Space Aircraft flashed out and expanded rapidly.

After a while, a short black sledgehammer appeared from within the aircraft and was grabbed by Tang Huan. In the next moment, the space within a radius of dozens of meters seemed to have become much dimmer.

Immediately after, Tang Huan swung his sledgehammer forward.


Amidst the intense ringing sounds, it was as if space had suddenly exploded.

When the gigantic hammer reached its end, the terrifying Strength Qi swept out in all directions, as though there was a black round cover roaring out from the hammer, and with every bit of movement, it expanded, to the point that it actually spread dozens of meters away, and within the round cover, the space violently fluctuated.

Sensing the might of the giant hammer, many cultivators secretly sucked in a breath.

"Good hammer!"

Immediately after, someone involuntarily clapped their hands and shouted.

Tang Huan smiled indifferently, retracted his True Essence and dissipated the giant sledgehammer's aura. He then said loudly: "As you have seen, this is a middle ranked Heavenly Soldier, I do not need to explain its quality, I believe that you all have a good idea, and can all be interested in bidding."

"Although it is a middle grade, it is definitely the highest quality among the middle grade. I have seen a middle grade Heavenly Soldier that was forged by a Upper Grade Blacksmith before, I'm afraid its power is not as good as your middle grade …" A dark faced man with a full beard was the first to speak and praised, "Hm, I'll take the three strange blood fruits!"


Hearing his last sentence, the crowd immediately burst into laughter and hiss.

The dark faced man seemed to blush slightly. He hesitated for a moment, then gritted his teeth and said with determination: "Alright, four 'Aberrant Blood Fruits'!"

"You have the nerve to ask for four strange blood fruits?"

Immediately after, a man in white sneered, "Tang Huan, I'll give eight 'Abnormal Blood Fruits'."

The black faced man seemed to not be able to stand the ridicule. He glared at the man and was about to continue raising the price, but his lips were still moving.

"This friend here offers eight strange blood fruits. Are there any higher bids?" "If there isn't any, then the middle tier weapon belongs to this friend."


There was a murmur from the crowd, but no one answered.

The crowd of cultivators whispered to each other. Although they were a bit moved, they suppressed it all. They knew very well that Tang Huan had displayed two middle ranked Heavenly Soldier s, and two high ranked Heavenly Soldier s, and even more top ranked Heavenly Soldier s. Tang Huan took out the lower quality items first. Clearly, the main event would be at the end.

If he were to bid for a medium-grade weapon now, then it would be difficult for him to obtain a high-grade or even a top-grade weapon.

"Alright, it's yours now!"

After a while, the white clothed man laughed as he walked away with the black hammer, while Tang Huan received the eight fragrant fruits, each of them was as big as a peach, dark red like blood, and the aura the fruits gave off was extremely powerful, although they were incomparable to the "Scarlet Blood Gourd", they were still rare treasures.

"Next, is still a middle ranked Heavenly Soldier …"


The auction went on one after another.

First, there were two middle stage Heavenly Soldier s, and then, there were two upper stage middle stage Heavenly Soldier s. The atmosphere in front of the hut became more and more intense, and Tang Huan had obtained more and more various treasures.

"The fifth item to be auctioned is a high-ranked mid-ranked Heavenly Soldier!"

Tang Huan's gaze was like lightning, sweeping across everyone with a smile.

When they heard Tang Huan, the already lively crowd immediately became extremely noisy, and many cultivators revealed looks of anticipation. Especially those cultivators who had been resisting the temptation of high grade and middle grade weapons, they became extremely excited, as they stared at Tang Huan without blinking.

The main event had finally begun!

Tang Huan did not keep up the suspense any longer, after a while, a red light left the Space Aircraft. It was actually the red intestines that Tang Huan had taken out a few days ago, the tip of the spear looked like a swallow, not only was it extremely agile, the blazing aura it emitted was terrifying enough to make one's heart palpitate.


Tang Huan activated his True Essence and thrusted his spear forward. Amidst the sharp sound of air being pierced, the intense heat surged and a fiery red wave swept out, covering an area of tens of metres, as if it had turned into a furnace. The cultivators at the very front couldn't help but use their True Essence to resist.

"I believe some of my friends have seen this weapon before."

After a split-second, he put away his spear and the heat suddenly dispersed. Tang Huan immediately smiled, "Five Elements belongs to fire, and not only is it a top quality weapon, it can also be considered as top quality amongst top quality weapons. Tang Huan had not even finished speaking, his voice was cut off, and there were already people impatiently bidding.

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