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“If I could wake it up, I would have succeeded long ago and will not wait until now. Moreover, this situation has lasted for a long time. In fact, the main aim of the stipulation – the candidates of the Shaman have to travel around – is not to find a way to solve the problem, but to choose a more powerful man as the Shaman. Only the Shaman can become powerful enough to wake up the Inner Flame.”

While speaking, Yang Sui patted Shao Xuan and said, “Keep it between the both of us. Otherwise, the Rain tribe will be in panic.”

If the Rain tribe turned chaotic, even if the turmoil could be controlled by the present Chief, the panic can’t be suppressed. In the long run, the development of the Rain tribe would be more affected, or worse still, it may gradually move towards destruction. Therefore, those people who knew the secret would carry it to their graves.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell others.” Shao Xuan promised. The Flaming Horn tribe was far away, and the Rain tribe couldn’t cause a great impact on them no matter what direction it developed toward. Besides, Shao Xuan was not a man who would betray others’ secrets casually.

After talking for a moment, Yang Sui stood up and left to prepare for the death ritual tomorrow. For him, the ceremony of praying for rain was his death ritual.

Shao Xuan took the bag of shell coins back to the resting place.

The next day, the dust and sand in the air were more serious. And the visibility was lower as if there would be a sand storm.

The people of the traveling team stayed in the cabin except for going out to exchange for food. The weather outside was so bad that they didn’t want to go out to eat sand.

Original translation from wangmama.

They knew that today was the time for the Rain tribe to hold the ceremony of praying for rain, so they didn’t intend to go closer to the Rain tribe. At the moment, the Rain tribe’s would be heavily guarded.

“Cannot see the play, and the weather is too bad. Alas!” Qu Ce leaned against the window and looked at the blowing sand outside.

“Close the window, the sand is blowing in!” The people in the room blamed.

Sighing, Qu Ce closed the window and asked the people in the room, “Do you believe people of the Rain tribe can really pray for rain?”

“You believe it? These little tribes always like to exaggerate and brag!”

Not only the people of the Mang tribe, but also others had similar ideas. They were not waiting to see if it would rain, but just rested in these two days. Once the weather got better, they had to start again. The journey further ahead would be even harder, and it would be difficult to find a place to rest.

In the Rain tribe.

On the high platform built above the fire pit, some of the things needed for praying for rain were placed.

They didn’t need to worry about the fire suddenly blazing up, because they hadn’t seen it except the time of the grand sacrifice at the beginning of each year.

There were a lot of people gathering around the fire pit, and everyone was whispering. Some people really wanted rain. No matter who the Shaman was, the crops in their fields needed rain. There were still some people who just wanted to laugh at Yang Sui.

People headed by He Chao, who were the parties of the new Chief, looked at Yang Sui with glee and expectation. They were expecting to see Yang Sui’s failure to pray for rain, and being pushed to the fire by people of the tribe.

“Look over there!”

“Nonsense! How dare you Yang Sui!”

“Would they really pray for rain? The Rain God will be angry!”

He Chao followed the eyesight of the public, and saw Yang Sui wearing a yellow-green woven suit for the praying ceremony, followed by eight shamanesses. And these shamanesses surprised He Chao extremely.

They had intimidated and tempted some shamanesses to leave Yang Sui so that Yang Sui would not be able to gather eight shamanesses for the ceremony, but he did not expect that Yang Sui would take this step!

Where are the curvaceous bodies? Where were the young beauties?

Why were there old women?!!!

What’s that? Is that a ball?

Mi Xu’s mother had mistakenly eaten a plant, which caused her bones to lose shape so that her body became as puffy as a ball. Even if she starved, her body wouldn’t be out of shape of a ball. The ceremonial clothing that was rushed out overnight was slightly wider and seemed more fat when she wore it. Although Yang Sui’s mother was not so fat, her body was also clearly different from those of the young girls. There was no such feeling of beauty. As for Yang Sui’s grandmother, not to mention, her body was more conspicuous than others.

The team of nine came out of a room near the fire pit and went straight to the altar. Wherever they passed, the people around them hurried away, and some of the people who reacted slowly because of the surprise, also stepped back a few steps after they came back to earth, for fear of being mistaken of having any relationship with these people.

Some of the elders in the tribe who thought themselves as people of “noble character and high prestige”, after seeing this scene, their eyes almost rolled back and fell down.

Nonsense! Tomfoolery! Damn!

Were they making a fool of the tribesman or insulting the ancestors? It’s affirmative that they were offending the gods.


If the gods became angry with Yang Sui’s disregard of the rule, it would likely not rain anymore in the future?

Some of the elders were too old to accept such a situation and fainted, another riot was triggered.

Due to the sand all over the sky, the people being far away from the altar couldn’t see the situation clear, but when they heard the news from others, they were also shocked and speechless for a long time. After coming back to earth, they followed the people around them to scold Yang Sui and his families.

“They must be burnt to death!”

“They must be burnt for the deliverance of God!”

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