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Chapter 99: Zhao Jingwei Was Caught

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But every time he went to Beijing, there would be a lot of background noise in his calls.

As she expected, when he replied, there was a lot of static. “Yes, something popped up.”

“Are you sure you don’t need my help?”

He knew how capable Qiao Nian was. He wasn’t sure how many shares Qiao Nian had in Yuan Yongqing’s Cheng Feng Corporation, but she definitely had significant ownership of it.

As she had recently reunited with her family, it would be hard for her to settle things herself.

Qiao Nian nonchalantly said, “It’s a small matter, no need for your help. I can find it out in three days.”

She then tried to change the topic.

“When are you coming back?

“Why, do you miss your daddy?” Wei Lou never let go of an opportunity to take advantage of her.

Qiao Nian was already used to his antics. When she wanted to put her hand in her pocket, she remembered that her arm still had a dressing. Hence, she walked over to the study table and took a piece of gum from her bag. She then answered, “I’ll treat you to hotpot when you’re back.”

“Because of what you said, I’ll come back tomorrow!”

Qiao Nian thought that it would take at least two to three days for the school to investigate the case.

They found the culprit faster than she thought.

They found out that the culprit was Zhao Jingwei on the second day.

Zhao Jingwei was quite stupid as well. She didn’t consider the surveillance cameras when she went there when everyone was at the morning exercise. She sneaked to the top floor when there was no one in the corridor and waited for the person that received the note to head to the back of the block.

She then cut the ropes that held the steel rods, causing the rods to fall down and hit someone by “accident”.

But she never thought that it would be recorded by the surveillance cameras.

When she was called into the principal office, she denied all the allegations against her. She said that she was innocent and cried out for justice. She even accused the school of being biased and accusing the innocent.

However, when the security officers showed her the recordings, she admitted to everything.

First High School had a hundred years of history. It was the first time such a severe case happened in the school, and they immediately called her parents.

This was because it was no longer just some small squabbles between students. Her actions had injured someone and even almost got someone killed.

The school called the police when her parents arrived.

The police then took her away.

As Zhao Jingwei was arrested during school hours, everyone saw the police coming into the school to arrest her.

Plus, there were a lot of bystanders in the medical office. Hence, everyone knew that two girls from Class A were almost killed by the steel rods that fell from the top floor.

It became a huge matter.

A lot of the parents wanted the school to investigate the matter and to remove such students from the school. They wanted to protect their children from such students.

Zhao Jingwei was hated by everyone in First High School.

Even the students that were close to her were judged by everyone.

This was what happened to Qiao Chen. She was the talk of the town when the professor from Qing University announced that he was coming to First High School. She was almost like a celebrity.

This was because she was close to Zhao Jingwei, and everyone saw that she tried to speak up for the culprit at the medical office.

Some rumors circulated that she was involved in this matter as well.

Hence, Qiao Chen was suffering. In order to escape, she requested a few days of leave from the new Form Teacher using the excuse that she had a piano exam

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