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Chapter 100: He Saw Qiao Nian Enter the Cheng Feng Corporation

When Zhao Jingwei was brought to the station, Gu San sent a message to Ye Wangchuan.

Ye Wangchuan called the police station immediately and said, “Treat this seriously.”

They sent her into a youth detention facility and wanted to send her through the legal procedure. They even rejected all requests for visits.

Even though the Zhao Family were from Rao City, they weren’t rich. Zhao Jingwei’s dad passed away a while ago. All she had was her mom.

Her mom even fainted and was sent to the hospital when she heard about what happened in school.

When she woke up, her daughter had already been sent to the youth detention facility.

She had no choice and could only look for all her connections. She visited all the friends and relatives that she could find. However, the most powerful person she could find was the station master of a police station. When she visited him with gifts, she was thrown out after the person heard that it was regarding what happened in First High School.

He said that he couldn’t do anything about it.

Mother Zhao didn’t know what to do. After she visited all her connections, she remembered what her late-husband told her before he died.

She then decided to visit the Tang family.

Although their family wasn’t rich, Zhao Jingwei’s dad drove for Old Master Tang before. He even blocked a bullet for him when he was in danger. Even though they managed to remove the bullet, Zhao Jingwei’s dad died from the trauma after the operation.

The Tang family had told them that they owed them a favor and they could ask for anything.

As Mother Zhao had just lost her husband, she didn’t want to be connected with the Tang family. She had never approached them.

However, now that Jingwei was in trouble, Mother Zhao had to seek their help.

Qiao Nian wasn’t at school for the past few days. With a lot of time on her hands, she went to the Cheng Feng Corporation.

The corporation was located in the city’s center. Its mirror-like exterior glistened under the sunlight.

In the past few years, the corporation seemed to have viewed Rao City as its second headquarters. Yuan Yongqin spent a lot of money buying land in the area for the building. This caused the people in Beijing to become curious about what was so good about Rao City and why Yuan Yongqin was investing there.

As Qiao Nian’s bus stopped at Cheng Feng Corporation, she got off holding her phone. She then slowly walked towards the building.

The security officer knew her, so he allowed Qiao Nian to enter the building without any disruptions.

At the lobby.

Qiao Weimin was there as well. He had waited for a long time already. However, the secretary that hosted him previously wasn’t there yet. He kept looking at his watch with a frown, obviously unhappy.

Suddenly, he noticed a slender figure entering the lobby.

A girl.

He noticed that she wasn’t tall, and she looked like Qiao Nian.

Why was Qiao Nian able to enter the Cheng Feng Corporation?

He wanted to take a second look to check if he was wrong.

However, the people that made him wait for half an hour finally came down.

“Chairman Qiao.” Su Mo had worked for Yuan Yongqin for a long time. He was always around Yuan Yongqin, and everyone knew that he was Yuan Yongqin’s right-hand man.

The moment he arrived.

Qiao Weimin didn’t dare to offend him. He stood up, offered his hand, and said, “Secretary Su, it’s been a long time.”

Su Mo shook his hand politely and then let go. Even though he was smiling, no one could tell what he was really feeling. He then explained to Qiao Weimin smilingly, “There was an important visitor just now. Chairman Yuan asked me to get some fruits. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

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