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Chapter 98: You Make Money Faster Than Robbing the Bank

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Even though Qiao Nian’s injury seemed like a really small matter, Wei Lou called her when she returned from the hospital.

“Hello,” Qiao Nian answered as she changed into a new set of clothes. She was just done showering and her hair was still wet. The new dressing on her arm felt inconvenient to her.

Hence, she put him on the loudspeaker as she turned on her laptop.

Were there any updates about the material from the Red Alliance?

“Your arm is injured? Who did it! Is the Qiao Family responsible? Damn, they’re going too far. They’re trying to take advantage just because you stayed with them for a couple of years!”

It was noisy from his end, and she could tell that he was outside. Wei Lou was furious.

Qiao Nian could imagine him being so angry that he knocked over everything he saw.

She switched hands as she lowered the phone’s volume to prevent people from hearing it.

She then slowly said, “I’m not sure if Qiao Chen was behind it. She isn’t that dumb.”

She knew what kind of person Qiao Chen was. She was born with a silver spoon. She loved getting all the attention and didn’t like it when Qiao Nian was successful. However, she wasn’t someone that would do something like this.

“Qiao Chen likes to be pretentious. She wouldn’t do something like pushing the steel rods down to hit someone.”

“So, who could it be?” Wei Lou paused before exclaiming, “Qiao Nian, you’re great at drawing hatred. Everyone is either trying to insult you or trying to kill you. Did you attract them on your own?”

“I might have.”

As she spoke, she saw the message Slim Waist Control sent her: [sun, they replied to us that the amount is too little.]

“Fuck!” She cursed uncontrollably.

Wei Lou was surprised and exclaimed, “Why? What’s the matter?”

Qiao Nian couldn’t be bothered to reply to him. She stared at the laptop angrily.

They wanted more money.


She almost flipped out. They were getting on her nerves!

Qiao Nian was so angry that she smiled. She replied: [How about he robs the bank instead?]

There was a notification.

It was Slim Waist Control.

Slim Waist Control: [Boss, are you joking? You make money faster than robbing the bank.]

Qiao Nian smiled and didn’t know how to reply to him.

It was true, a bank would have billions.

However, this material was tightly controlled by all the countries. Even though the dark web had access to it, the seller was really mysterious. She would have to agree to their every request!

Uncle Chen needed it for his spine. The little dude needed it as well.

Qiao Nian thought for a while before telling Slim Waist Control to increase their offer again. If they were not willing to accept it, they could state their offer instead.

After replying, Qiao Nian went offline.

Just like what happened on her phone, the software disappeared from her laptop when she exited it.

Wei Lou was still asking what was going on, why she fell silent all of a sudden.

Qiao Nian kept her laptop before replying to him. “It’s nothing, I was replying to someone. I’ll settle the things in school, you don’t have to worry about it. Have you been to Beijing?”

She knew that Wei Lou would go to Beijing once in a while. She didn’t know the reason, but she didn’t care as well.

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