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Chapter 975: If Auntie Ye Likes It, I’ll Give You a Few Shares Another Day

Seeing that she was still so casual, Ye Lan’s eyelids twitched. She pursed her red lips and couldn’t help but say, “Could the shares you’re talking about be… the original shares of Cheng Feng Corporation?”

There were also two kinds of shares.

One was the original shares before the company went public. These shares were very important, and only the company’s CEO and higher-ups could hold them.

The first was the shares sold to the public after the company went public. They were used for stock investors. These shares would bring dividends according to the company’s earnings. It was useless to buy more.

Since Yuan Yongqin had introduced Qiao Nian solemnly, the “bought some” shares in Qiao Nian’s hand couldn’t be the second kind!

With Cheng Feng Corporation’s market value of 100 billion, what Qiao Nian said should be called 100 million yuan.

The Ye family didn’t lack money.

Ye Lan had grown up in a wealthy family and was also the eldest daughter of the Ye family. Naturally, she was not surprised by a hundred million yuan.

She just did not expect Qiao Nian to have the original shares of Cheng Feng Corporation.

Nian Nian was only 18 years old!

This was too abnormal!

It was comparable to her nephew.

“Is it really their original shares?” Ye Lan couldn’t control her expression. She wanted to calm down, but she was too stunned. It was too sudden, and she couldn’t calm down.

Qiao Nian pulled her cap impatiently and narrowed her eyes beautifully. She looked at her and hummed softly.

Ye Lan: “…”

After getting an affirmative answer, Ye Lan was silent for a few seconds. After all, she was someone who had seen the world. After the shock, she leaned back and took a deep breath. After calming down, she said slowly, “Qin Si told me that you played with stocks. He said that he even recommended a few stocks that have good momentum for you last time. He shouldn’t know that you have the original shares of Cheng Feng Corporation, right?”

Qiao Nian had indeed received the tips Qin Si had shared with her. She had seen them before. The stock price had risen quite well, and the future was good. She had chosen two shares and invested some money. Hearing this question, she did not hide anything. “Yes, he doesn’t know.”

She paused and added, “He never asked me.”

Having never asked either, Ye Lan was speechless.

She sat up straight silently and secretly made up her mind. She would ask more before she did anything next time to prevent herself from making a mistake.

At the thought of this, she couldn’t help but look at Qiao Nian again. After a moment of hesitation, she asked, “I told you about S’s new work today…”

What she meant was that she had originally thought that S’s work was quite liked by young people and that she was a fan of this designer.

It wasn’t easy for her to grab this chance. Cheng Feng Corporation had moved SEVEN’s show to Beijing, and there was also that talented designer’s new work. She wanted to buy one for Qiao Nian as a gift.

She didn’t expect Qiao Nian to have such a strong relationship with Cheng Feng Corporation and still have their original shares. She thought of the small pill last time and asked again.

As soon as she finished speaking, Qiao Nian looked at her with her pure black eyes and took it naturally. “If Auntie Ye likes it, I’ll give you a few shares another day.”

Ye Lan: “…”

S only released one or two new works each time. After a series, there were no more than five designs.

There were only five of them in the world.

One could imagine how difficult it was to snatch one.

She didn’t even dare to think of getting a few. Before coming today, she had thought that it would be good enough if she could buy a new piece of S’s work.

Nian Nian wanted to give her a few shares as soon as she opened her mouth.

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