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Chapter 974: Sister Nian, Don’t Lower Your Head. Your Identity Will Be Exposed

Ye Lan raised her eyebrows, still wondering who the other party was talking about. However, she leaned back and did not care much. She treated it as a show and was still in the mood to tease Qiao Nian. “Why does this opening sentence sound like she’s introducing S? Is S here this time?”

“…” Qiao Nian’s hair fell down and covered her eyebrows. She pulled down the brim of her cap and did not answer, mainly because she could not speak.

“But S is quite mysterious. Not many people in the design industry have seen him before. I wonder where he’s sitting.” Ye Lan lowered her voice and said, “If he’s here, he should be sitting in the first row.”

The next second, a ray of light landed beside her.

“Please allow me to introduce my very important friend, Qiao Nian!”

Ye Lan had originally been watching the commotion with her arms crossed. She did not expect this development. She was stunned for a long time and did not react. “Nian Nian?”

Did she hear wrongly?

The person Yuan Yongqin was introducing was indeed Qiao Nian???

However, the light fell beside her. She had made a mistake. The lighting technician backstage couldn’t have made a mistake too!

“You and Yuan Yongqin…”

Before she could finish, Qiao Nian raised her hand and slid her sleeve down, revealing a fair wrist. It was like white jade. Before Ye Lan could ask, she said simply, “I invested in stocks previously.”

Ye Lan retracted her gaze. Her expression was still quite complicated, and she couldn’t quite digest it. Her expression was extremely conflicted. “You bought the shares of Cheng Feng Corporation?”

For a moment, she almost thought that Qiao Nian was Cheng Feng Corporation’s chief designer, S. She was so shocked that she almost lost her composure and stood up in front of everyone.

It turned out that Nian Nian had bought the shares of Cheng Feng Corporation.

Ye Lan was still a little stunned.

She had seen Yuan Yongqin and heard some gossip in her early years in Beijing. After Yuan Yongqin broke up with the Yuan family, it had not been smooth sailing for her to go out and explore the business world.

In the beginning, Cheng Feng Corporation’s operations were very difficult.

The Yuan family had often caused trouble for Yuan Yongqin behind her back.

Many people were afraid of the Yuan family’s power and had the mentality that it was better to avoid trouble. They wouldn’t cooperate with Cheng Feng Corporation if they could.

During that time, Yuan Yongqin had not had an easy time.

The rise of Cheng Feng Corporation was a few years ago.

She was in Beijing, but she also controlled a new energy company. Everyone was from the business world. Even if she and Yuan Yongqin did not work in the same industry, she had also heard rumors about an illegal power behind the rise of Cheng Feng Corporation.

Yuan Yongqin had been involved in the fashion industry in the beginning, but Cheng Feng Corporation’s rise had a lot to do with jewelry.

Especially diamonds from overseas illegal zones.

Large pieces of high-end raw materials.

No one knew where the raw stones Cheng Feng Corporation had dug up the first barrel of gold came from. Until now, this was a secret in the business industry.

Later on, Yuan Yongqin abandoned Beijing and chose to open the headquarters of Cheng Feng Corporation in a third-tier city like Rao City…

Ye Lan’s mind was a little chaotic. She felt like she had vaguely grasped something important, but she also felt that her thoughts were too ridiculous.

It was even more ridiculous than Qiao Nian being SEVEN’s chief designer, S.


On the stage, Yuan Yongqin was still talking. The girl lowered the brim of her cap and leaned back against the chair relaxedly. She was extremely lazy. When the light fell on her, she was the center of attention. However, Qiao Nian did not seem to care about such a big scene. She looked no different from usual. She was so calm that she didn’t even raise her head.

“I bought some shares.”

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