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Chapter 1001: Master Wang: I Won’t Ask. I’ll Wait for Her to Tell Me Herself

After Qiao Nian came out of the hospital, she looked no different from usual. However, she did not speak much and did not play with her phone much along the way.

However, according to his observation, Miss Qiao wasn’t in a particularly bad mood.

Of course, anyone would be in a bad mood if their private matters were exposed.

There was no need to describe Miss Qiao’s mood.

Just like that.

It was not too bad!

“I’ve seen some pieces of news on the Internet. It’s said that back then, Miss Qiao was kidnapped for more than a year. Later, for some reason, she went back on her own. This matter was also reported on the local news. Later on, the Qiao family spent money to suppress the news and did not allow the local media to investigate.”

After hearing his words, the man lowered his eyelashes slightly. His dark eyelashes cast a faint trace under his eyes. He leaned back on the sofa and propped his long legs up. He held a cigarette between his fingers and flicked the cigarette ash. His eyes darkened, and he only said, “No.”

“I won’t ask. I’ll wait for her to tell me herself.”

When Miss Qiao wanted to tell him? How long would he have to wait?! Gu San wanted to say something, but he saw his phone lit up on the sofa. He frowned and became serious. “Master Wang, it’s a call from Old Master Ye.”

When he went in to make tea, he saw that Miss had called Master Wang, but he did not answer.

However, at this juncture, Miss must have called because of Miss Qiao. She probably wanted to ask about the situation from Master Wang.

The reason Old Master Ye called at this moment should be the same.

Gu San looked up to the second floor.

The second floor was still quiet. No one came down.

He didn’t know if the person upstairs was asleep.

In the room on the second floor, the girl had gone in to take a shower after returning. She had just come out from the cold and was wearing a loose bathrobe. Only the band on her waist revealed a white neck that was as bright as the moon. She was quite slender.

Qiao Nian didn’t blow dry her hair. She wiped her wet and still dripping hair with a towel, seeming impatient. She then casually used the towel to bundle her hair as she pulled out a chair from the desk and sat down.

She had played with her phone for too long in the morning and was about to run out of battery when she returned, so she threw her phone on the desk to charge it before going in to shower.

Now that she was back, Qiao Nian picked up her phone and opened it to see more than ten missed calls. There were also countless WeChat messages and notifications…

She had gone out with Ye Lan to watch the show in the morning. She had switched her phone to silent mode and didn’t look at her phone when she went in to shower.

In other words, many people had come looking for her in the short hour she took a shower.

Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows.

Her cold chin lifted slightly, and no emotion could be seen in her eyes. She supported her chin with one hand and scrolled the screen with the other, searching for any missed calls.

Nie Mi, Ye Lan, and Liang Bowen… all called her.

Qiao Nian also saw Old Master Ye’s number on a long list of missed calls, as well as Mr. Huang and Wei Lou.

Her temples hurt a little.

She didn’t have to guess what they were calling to ask.

Qiao Nian could imagine it with her toes. They probably thought that she was in a bad mood and were worried that she wouldn’t think things through.

However, she kept her eyes closed and her shoulders relaxed. She wasn’t as depressed as the outside world was imagining. Just as Gu San had guessed, her mood was not considered good or bad.

Qiao Nian didn’t reply to anyone for the time being. She lowered her head and looked at her WeChat messages and notifications.

She had received too many messages, so she only picked a few to read.

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