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Chapter 972: Suddenly Want to Change Their Seats

Tian Siqi grabbed her gown tightly. She had especially borrowed a customized suit from the company’s stylist today.

A customized gown was expensive.

Some cost hundreds of thousands.

Even better ones cost millions.

For example, the luxurious dress she was wearing cost a million yuan. Ever since she put it on, she had been careful not to ruin it. The brand would ask her for compensation.

At this moment, Tian Siqi was too vexed to care about this. Her gaze was fixed on Qiao Nian and Ye Lan in the front row.

She looked around but did not recognize Ye Lan. She couldn’t help but turn around and ask the person sitting beside her in a low voice, “Do you know the person on the left in the first row?”

Tian Siqi was afraid that he didn’t know who she was talking about. She endured the embarrassment and heat on her face and asked dryly, “It’s the person sitting beside that girl.”

“Are you talking about President Ye?” The other party smiled. The smile disappeared in an instant, and the voice was filled with mockery. “Have you heard of the Ye family in Beijing?”

“The Ye family in Beijing?”

“The person sitting beside that girl is the eldest daughter of the Ye family’s direct line of descent. This person doesn’t usually appear at such social events. You’re lucky to have kicked the hardest iron plate the moment you arrived.”


Tian Siqi wasn’t from the circle. She was just a half-step into the backstage.

Even so, she knew more about this circle than the average person in the entertainment industry.

In the blink of an eye, she had already searched for information about the Ye family in Beijing.

She remembered that her benefactor had once told her that there were three big families in Beijing that she could not provoke: the Ye, Wei, and Wen families.

Furthermore, the Shen family was worth paying attention to.

Among the three families, there was one person that could not be provoked—Ye Wangchuan.

The Buddha of the Ye family.

He was not old, but he was the most difficult to deal with in the circle at the top of the pyramid. He was also the most ruthless one. If she provoked Young Master Wang, she would lose a layer of skin even if she did not die!

Tian Siqi remembered it very clearly.

The Ye family…

Was it Ye Wangchuan’s Ye family?

The blood on her face was instantly drained. Her fingers turned white from shock, and her shoulders trembled.

She didn’t know much about the Ye family. After all, the people in the top circle might not even be able to search for information on those people online.

She was from the entertainment industry and knew that the Ye family was already incredible.

What kind of status did Ye Lan have? A person like her did not even have the right to understand her!

In the first row.

Ye Lan didn’t know that Tian Siqi had come to talk to Qiao Nian about the necklace and was gossiping behind.

Therefore, when the staff came over to ask if she wanted to change seats, she was stunned.

“Change seats?”

When Ye Lan was talking to Qiao Nian, she was still very arrogant. Her aura was also strong and oppressive.

The staff was originally secretly looking at them, but seeing her gaze, she jumped in shock. She quickly lowered her eyes and said respectfully, “Hello, Madam Ye. I just received a notice asking me to change your and your friend’s seats to No. 1 and No. 2 in the first row. Are you willing to change your seats?”

Ye Lan had an extraordinary status in Beijing.

The tickets she received this time were No. 10 and No. 11 in the first row.

Although it was also the first row, it was definitely different from the seat in front.

She subconsciously frowned and did not agree immediately.

According to her knowledge, Cheng Feng Corporation did not release seats No. 1 to No. 5 this time.

Especially the No. 1 seat.

It was very special.

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