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Chapter 971: Teaching Sister Nian How to Play Games

Ye Lan had an important conference call to attend.

After entering the venue, she heard that the Lan Pavilion was going to block the signal on her phone. She could only go out and ask the board of directors to postpone the meeting while she arranged her schedule.

Ye Lan still needed to spend some time settling her matters, but she was worried about Qiao Nian being alone inside. She only called for 20 minutes before coming back in.

When she entered, she saw Su Mo bending over and speaking to Qiao Nian respectfully. However, she didn’t think too much about it. Su Mo walked away very quickly.

“Nian Nian, you didn’t wait long, did you?” Ye Lan sat down beside her with a smile on her elegant and capable face. She explained to the girl beside her in a gentle voice, “There’s a meeting at the company. I told them that I had something to do today, but who knew that my assistant had left work and didn’t inform them. Since they’re here, I can only give them instructions remotely.”

Qiao Nian turned off her cell phone when Ye Lan walked over and answered politely, “No, I’m fine too. I was just playing a game.”

“Doesn’t the Lan Pavilion have no signal?” Ye Lan saw the game on her cell phone and asked curiously, “You can play games without the Internet?”

Qiao Nian lazily put away her cell phone. She didn’t mention that this sort of signal blocker couldn’t block her cell phone signal at all. As long as she wanted to, she could hack the signal blocker system here at any time. However, she was too lazy. Besides, today was Cheng Feng Corporation’s event. She didn’t want to cause trouble. “I’m playing a mini-game that doesn’t require the Internet.”

Seeing that Ye Lan was still looking at her, Qiao Nian added, “…Something like Tetris.”

“Oh!” Ye Lan immediately understood.

It was Tetris, after all. She usually played it when she was stressed out at work, but in the past two years, she had preferred to play Elimination.

Finding a common topic, her eyes lit up and she was quite happy. “What level are you at?”


Qiao Nian was too embarrassed to say that she had finished the entire game.

Ye Lan didn’t know that this game could be cleared at all. She happily shared her gaming insights with her. “I remember that I played until the 68th level. Wangchuan used to play this game, too. He’s even better at this than me. I think he reached the 108th level?”

Ye Lan said with an uncertain expression, “I think it’s 108th… I can’t remember. I haven’t seen him play in a long time.”

Qiao Nian still didn’t know that Ye Wangchuan also played smartphone games like this. Her eyes darkened and her tone sounded quite sincere. “He’s quite impressive.”

Tetris and Elimination were both increasingly difficult games to play as the levels progressed. They were games that required intelligence.

For Ye Wangchuan to be able to play to the last few rounds, it was obvious that he was smart.

Ye Lan didn’t see which stage Qiao Nian had just played. She smiled and patted her hand, saying confidently, “It’s fine. That game has tricks. I’ll teach you a few tricks later. You can play until the end of the 100th stage.”

Qiao Nian, who had already finished clearing these few games entirely, said in a hoarse voice, “…Alright.”

In the back row.

Tian Siqi and the others were already sitting in their seats. Ever since Su Mo hurried to greet Qiao Nian, she had been sitting restlessly in her seat, paying attention to the situation in the first row.

She saw Ye Lan coming in and going straight to Qiao Nian. She even sat beside the girl. The two of them started chatting.

Although she didn’t know Ye Lan, she could vaguely feel that the other party had an air of arrogance that even her backer lacked.

She had sensed that sort of arrogance many times in Beijing.

That was an aura that only those in high positions possessed.

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