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Chapter 973: A Very Important Friend Came Today

She thought that Yuan Yongqin would leave it for herself.

Why did she suddenly get the staff to inform them to change seats and even give up a row of VIP seats? This did not make sense.

With her status, Ye Lan also knew that many people in Beijing wanted to curry favor with her. However, she had seen Yuan Yongqin in private. Yuan Yongqin was ten years younger than her and was in her early forties. She was a very strong-willed and capable career woman. She was quite arrogant deep down. If she had no backbone, she wouldn’t have stopped interacting with the Yuan family for more than ten years after she fell out with them.

Ye Lan didn’t think that such a woman would deliberately try to “please” her.

However, the staff did say seats No. 1 and No. 2.

She hesitated for a moment and turned to ask the girl beside her. “Nian Nian, should we change seats?”

Qiao Nian raised her eyes. She didn’t expect Su Mo to do this. It was quite a headache. She thought about it and then said, “Change.”

Actually, it was just a change of seats. It was nothing.

However, she had not wanted to come in the first place. It was already eye-catching enough that she and Ye Lan came over to sit in the first row. Now, Aunt Yuan had gotten someone to change her to the first row of the VIP area. Even with her toes, Qiao Nian could imagine how many eyes would look in her direction later.

However, this was a token from an elder, and she could not reject it.

Ye Lan didn’t think too much about it. Hearing her answer, she looked up and communicated with the staff.

Changing seats was not a troublesome matter. Anyway, she was just watching the show. Other than Ye Lan holding a handbag, Qiao Nian did not even bring one. She placed one hand in her pocket and stood up to change seats.

It was just as she had thought.

She sat down at seat No. 1 in the row. Many scrutinizing gazes landed on her from behind. Since Qiao Nian had agreed to change seats, she did not care about these gazes. She didn’t even turn back and only raised her hand to lower the brim of her cap. Her eyes were quite wild.

The big show did not delay for long before the lights dimmed.

The U-shaped runway was a high-tech space design. The 3D dazzling technology style was especially strong.

As the music began, the first model walked on the runway.

Her slim waist and long legs shone on the runway.

Ye Lan would turn her head away from time to time and ask Qiao Nian how she felt about it and if there were any designs she especially liked.

Qiao Nian had received the blueprints Yuan Yongqin had sent her a few days ago. She had even modified some of these designs herself.

She was sitting here purely to watch the show with Ye Lan. As she watched models walking out in SEVEN’s autumn and winter, she couldn’t even be bothered to look up. She stopped Ye Lan every entire time and did not let her buy them.

Ye Lan didn’t care. Her goal today was not these clothes. She mainly wanted to buy the highlight of this show for Qiao Nian—the new work of the genius designer, S.

It was fine if Qiao Nian did not want any clothes. She turned around and waited excitedly for the finale jewelry series.

The show ended quickly.

The designer went on stage to thank the audience.

Before the jewelry show began, the CEO of Cheng Feng Corporation, Yuan Yongqin, appeared on the stage. She took the microphone from the designer and looked at the crowd below the stage. “Thank you everyone for participating in SEVEN’s Autumn and Winter Show. I’m Cheng Feng Corporation’s CEO, Yuan Yongqin.”

A round of applause sounded out.

In the third row, Tian Siqi clapped, feeling inexplicably uneasy.

Yuan Yongqin’s voice was low and powerful. “I have a very important friend coming over today. She’s my close friend, my partner, and a very important person in my life…”

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