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Chapter 822 No Longer Planning to Let Qiao Nian Stay at Home

He planned to have a big banquet to acknowledge Qiao Nian’s ancestors. It was best if everyone in Beijing knew that he had found his granddaughter.

He had been considering this for almost a year. Previously, when Qiao Nian said that her results were not good, he had not changed his mind about holding a big banquet. Now, he wouldn’t change his mind either.

However, he had originally thought that since Qiao Nian had returned to the Jiang family, she would definitely stay with her family. Everyone would pamper her and make up for the kinship she had lost all these years.

However, from the past few things, he could tell that not everyone in the Jiang family welcomed Qiao Nian back. At least, not Jiang Xianrou and Tang Wanru.

He pursed his lips, but he had already made his decision in a short time. He looked up and did not give his son much face. He said simply, “There’s no need. Nian Nian won’t be staying here at the old residence when she comes back. I plan to buy her a new house outside, so she won’t be staying with you guys.”

Jiang Zongnan was a little stunned and embarrassed. “Dad, is it because of what Xianrou said earlier? I’ll talk to her properly later. She…”

“Don’t talk about her, either.” Jiang Weishang was a man of his word when he was young. He had become even more gentle when he was old, but he was still a man of his word. “Everyone has their own thoughts. I won’t force anyone. This matter is settled.

“You don’t have to think too much about it. Even if we don’t live together, you’ll still be her second uncle.”

“Yes…” Jiang Zongnan knew that he was only giving him face and not saying it. His face was hot and flustered. He lowered his head and did not know where to start.

From the corner of his eye, Old Master Jiang saw the bank card Zhou Hengfeng had thrown on the table before he left. Not hiding his disgust, he said in a low voice, “Find a time to return that bank card to the Zhou family. Heh, they think that little money can make us forget the whole incident? What a joke! Even if Nian Nian forgives her, I won’t forgive that Zhou Wei! Go get my phone, I’ll make a call.”

Old Master Jiang was famous for his good temper in Beijing. His connections were unimaginable. This was also why the Jiang family could gain a firm foothold in Beijing and was stronger than the Zhou family.

Even Nie Mi, who had no contact with anyone, was a good friend of his for many years. It was obvious from Jiang Weishang’s connections. Jiang Zongnan knew that he was in a fit of anger and wanted to investigate Zhou Wei ruthlessly with the police. He didn’t say anything else and quickly went upstairs to get his phone.


Jiang Xianrou and Tang Wanru sent Zhou Hengfeng off. On the way back, she thought about what Zhou Hengfeng had said to her and couldn’t help but be tempted. She said gently, “Mom, actually, Qiao Nian is not injured. Grandpa doesn’t have to give Uncle Zhou so much face. I saw that Uncle Zhou’s expression was not very good when he left.”

Tang Wanru stopped and glanced at her. She calmly gathered her clothes and said, “Your grandfather has always felt that he owes her. Your uncle only has one daughter. She was wandering outside previously and could not be found. He can’t make it up to her. He finally found her after much difficulty. He must be thinking of ways to make it up to Qiao Nian.

“You shouldn’t have tried to help Zhou Wei in front of your grandfather. Now that you’ve said that, I wonder what your grandfather will think afterward.”

“That’s right. But I’m not talking nonsense. Isn’t Qiao Nian fine? Why make things worse?! She’s the same, too. She doesn’t know the severity of the matter and calls the police for no reason. Ha, she doesn’t even know how to save face. She doesn’t even think about the fact that the Zhou family has a good relationship with our family. With her making a fuss, it’ll be awkward for the two families to meet in the future.”

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