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Chapter 821 Old Master Jiang Didn’t Save Any Face for the Zhou Family

The Jiang family’s butler walked politely to Zhou Hengfeng’s side and placed his hands in front of him. He was polite and courteous. “Mr. Zhou…”

Zhou Hengfeng stood up with an embarrassed and anxious expression.

It was obvious that the old man sitting in the wheelchair was resting with his eyes closed and had no intention of responding to him. It was useless no matter how anxious he was. He could only place the bank card on the table and say in a low voice, “Old Master Jiang, I’m sincerely here to apologize to you on behalf of Zhou Wei. I hope that you can plead to Miss Qiao on Zhou Wei’s behalf on account of our two families. As long as Miss Qiao is willing to forgive Zhou Wei, I’m willing to personally go to Rao City to apologize to her. In the future, I, Zhou Hengfeng, will owe her a favor. Her matters are my matters. As long as I can help, I’ll definitely do it…”

Old Master Jiang didn’t show any reaction at all. He still looked like an old monk in meditation, as if he didn’t even want to bother about him.

On the other hand, hearing Zhou Hengfeng’s promise, Jiang Xianrou’s brows twitched as she subconsciously clenched her fists.

Seeing that he still didn’t show any reaction, Zhou Hengfeng let out a murky breath and sighed. His expression was heavy. He was, after all, a dignified figure, and he was embarrassed to stay any longer. He said, “Since Old Master Jiang wants to rest, I won’t disturb you anymore. I’ll make a move first. I’ll visit you another day.”

Seeing Zhou Hengfeng following the butler out, Jiang Xianrou thought of something and hurriedly told her family, “Grandpa, Mom, I’ll send Uncle Zhou off.”

Worried, Tang Wanru said to Old Master Jiang, “Dad, I’ll go take a look.”

The mother and daughter followed him out one after another. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared from the living room. Only then did Old Master Jiang open his eyes. His dark eyes were turbid, but they did not lose their intelligence. He looked at his youngest son, who had just walked over with a cup of tea, and rubbed his temples. He said with a tired expression, “I wonder how Nian Nian is. Is she hurt? Jiang Li is the same. Nian Nian is staying with him, but he’s good. Such a big thing has happened, but he didn’t tell the family. I only learned about what Zhou Wei did because Zhou Hengfeng came looking for me.” Jiang Zongnan poured the tea he had made for Zhou Hengfeng into the trash can. He bent down and placed the cup aside. He pursed his lips and said seriously, “I’ll call Jiang Li later and ask.”

He looked at the tired and worried Old Master and placed his hand on the old man’s shoulder. “Dad, don’t worry too much! Since Jiang Li didn’t call home, it means that Nian Nian isn’t injured. Even if she is, her injuries shouldn’t be serious. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to hide it from us.”


There was no need for him to say this. Old Master Jiang knew this very well. He also knew that if Qiao Nian was injured, Jiang Li would definitely not dare to hide it from his family. He suddenly looked up at his youngest son and said, “There are still ten days until the college entrance examination. After that, Nian Nian will definitely come to Beijing to study. I originally wanted her to acknowledge her roots and ancestors when I found her. However, Beijing’s circle is very deep. I had to consider many things. Thus, I temporarily let her stay in Rao City to study. She will definitely come back.”

“I know.” Jiang Zongnan looked relaxed and did not care about this matter. He even said to the Old Master, “I’ve already gotten the servants to tidy up the rooms. There are many rooms in the house, and we’ll see which room Nian Nian likes. I’ll get someone to renovate whichever room she likes.”

Jiang Weishang didn’t speak. His eyes were deep and dark. His hands on the armrests of the wheelchair gripped the railing tightly as if he was thinking about something.

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