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Chapter 823 Sister Nian

Jiang Xianrou’s brows furrowed, not hiding the annoyance on her arrogant face. She frowned and said to her mother, “I’ll call her and ask her what’s wrong. Why did she call the police?”

She took out her phone and said in a rather natural tone, “If she’s not injured, I’ll tell her to forgive Zhou Wei. She has done enough.”

Tang Wanru watched as she called Qiao Nian. She didn’t approve of her getting involved, but she didn’t stop her either.

Perhaps deep in her heart, her thoughts were similar to her daughter’s. Since Qiao Nian wasn’t injured, there was no need to blow things up. Besides, calling the police was going too far. It was good to have someone to say it.

On the other side, in a villa in Rao City. Qiao Nian had just arrived home. After returning, she went to the room on the second floor, changed out of her blood-stained clothes, and took a shower. As the hot water washed over her body, the skin on her back and shoulders was scratched by an artillery shell. Only then did she notice that the skin on the place where she had been ambushed had broken.

Qiao Nian checked her wounds briefly and applied disinfectant and alcohol on them. The alcohol must have hurt a lot when it was applied to the areas where her skin was scratched, but she seemed to be used to it. She raised her eyebrows, and no emotion could be seen in her dark eyes. She calmly disinfected and applied medicine to her wounds. Then, she found a clean set of clothes and put them on. Her hair was still dripping with water as she walked slowly to the bed…

She looked as if she was not injured.

When she came out, her phone happened to light up. Qiao Nian picked it up from the bed in a hurry and looked at the caller ID with calm eyes.

It was a number from Beijing.

It was an unsaved number.

She hung up. She was about to blow-dry her hair.

Unexpectedly, her phone buzzed again.

Qiao Nian picked it up and looked at it again. It was still the same number. “Tsk, you’re quite persistent.” She stared at the caller ID. From the looks of it, if she did not pick up, the other party would call again. In order to avoid being annoyed later, Qiao Nian decisively blocked the number after ending the call.

The entire world was silent!

She blocked the number and looked at her phone again. She realized that Liang Bowen had even sent her a message asking her when she would be returning to school.

Qiao Nian replied casually that it would be tomorrow.

Then, she switched her phone to silent mode and threw it back onto the bed. She raised her black hair that was past her eyebrows and strode forward to get the hairdryer.


Ye Wangchuan and Gu San had just returned.

The man was surrounded by a faint smell of blood as if he had not walked out of his violent mood. His brows were slightly sunken, and his eyes were a little cold.

Seeing Jiang Li coming over, Gu San tactfully walked to the kitchen. “Master Wang, I’ll make you a cup of tea.”

Ye Wangchuan walked to the sofa.

Jiang Li followed him the entire way. Seeing him sit down, he could no longer hold it in and asked anxiously, “How is it? Have those hooligans explained themselves? Why did they trouble Nian Nian?”

He had also asked Qiao Nian this question in the car. She had only mentioned one name and did not say anything else.

He was confused and did not understand what was going on.

Jiang Li didn’t know where Qiao Nian was, so he could only ask Ye Wangchuan.

Pacing around in frustration, he grabbed his hair and messed up his handsome hairstyle. He looked over and frowned. He asked, “Master Wang, are they unwilling to tell the truth?”

Under normal circumstances, the rules in the industry did not allow the person behind it to be exposed. If they were caught, they would typically withstand it forcefully and not easily expose their employer.

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