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Chapter 768: Mentioning the USB 

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"Come to the stairway conference room."

Stairway conference room?

Zhou Wei knew that this exchange would be in the conference room on the stairs. It seemed like Qiao Nian had ruined her speech. Luo Qing still needed her to clean up the mess.

Her eyes flashed and her lips curled into a mocking smile. She was about to say that it was inconvenient for her when the phone rang.

Zhou Wei took her phone away and realized that the other party had already hung up! "...Huh?" Her breath was in her throat as she held her phone and smiled angrily.

After a short period of anger, Zhou Wei slowly calmed down. According to her proud character in the past, if Luo Qing begged her without giving her face, she would definitely stand him up!

However, this time, there was an indescribable uneasiness in her heart. Although Zhou Wei was angry, she stood still and looked at her phone.

No one in Team 2 had replied to her message.

Everyone pretended not to see their phones.

She bit her lip and hesitated for a moment. Then, she picked up her things and went out to the place Luo Qing had said...

In the conference room on the stairs, Bo Jingxing had just sent her away and he had already heard about Zhou Wei's tricks from Gu San.

His refined and handsome face was dark as he walked to Ye Wangchuan and asked in a low voice, "How are you going to handle Zhou Wei?"

"Deal with it however you want."

This answer was equivalent to not answering.

Bo Jingxing felt stifled. He and Luo Qing had the same thoughts. Both of them still had concerns about the Zhou family. After all, there were too few talents in the country's computer industry.

The Zhou family was also well-known in this area.

Zhou Hengfeng alone was quite famous in the country. After all, it was the information age. Many things would need the Zhou family's help in the future.

On the other hand, the Ninth Branch was short on resources and had not cultivated its own power yet...

He wanted to say something but hesitated. Just as he was about to speak up for Zhou Wei, he saw from the corner of his eye that Zhou Wei had already arrived at the door. She was holding a notebook in her hand and looked like she did not know anything

When she came in.

Everyone in the conference room turned to look at her.

Someone was still talking. When she came in, the meeting room fell silent.

Zhou Wei originally thought that she would see a group of overseas experts when she came in. However, when she walked in, she realized that there were only nine people in the huge conference room. Bo Jingxing and Ye Wangchuan were both there.

A large group of people from the technical department was also present. Luo Qing and Chen Zhu looked at her with complicated expressions.

The members of Team 2 had their lips tightly sealed. When they saw her enter, no one went forward to greet her. This scene was completely different from what she had imagined!

Zhou Wei subconsciously looked around but did not see Qiao Nian.

The uneasiness in her heart gradually increased. She frowned slightly and could only enter first to greet the two men with outstanding looks.

"Young Master Bo."

She looked at the other person. Compared to Bo Jingxing, that person's appearance was more outstanding. He was noble and eye-catching.

Zhou Wei pursed her lips and restrained the emotions in her eyes. She whispered, "Master Wang."

Only Bo Jingxing nodded at her. Ye Wangchuan completely ignored her greeting and was extremely cold.

Zhou Wei couldn't say what it was, but she felt that something was wrong. She put down her notebook and took the initiative to say, "Team Leader Luo called me just now to ask me to come over. Is the bug in the USB still not solved?"

It was fine if she didn't mention this, but the moment she did, the atmosphere in the meeting room became even more intriguing.. 1

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