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Chapter 769: Revealing Her True Colors in Public 

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Gu San looked disdainful.

No one from Luo Qing and the technical department answered.

The scene froze.

Zhou Wei felt like she had been isolated by everyone for no reason. No one was talking, but she felt like she had been slapped. Her face was burning with embarrassment.

What were these people doing?!

What did they mean?

Didn't they ask her to come over to resolve the 'bug' in the USB? Why wasn't anyone speaking?

Bo Jingxing gave her face. Seeing that no one was responding, he said softly, "Qiao Nian has already solved the problem."

Already solved? Zhou Wei's first reaction was quite big. "Her? How is that possible?" "Tsk." Ye Wangchuan raised his eyebrows lazily and glanced at her with a sharp gaze. It made Zhou Wei's heart skip a beat. "Tell me, why can't she?" "Er..." Zhou Wei's back was drenched in a cold sweat. She was speechless.

She knew best that it was not a bug, but a very powerful trojan horse virus.

This virus could infect the database of the system and replace its files. However, it was difficult for ordinary people to discover its existence. They would only think that there was a loophole in the system.

This virus was given to her by her third uncle. It was said to be from the Red Alliance. It had appeared briefly on the black market in the past and was later cleaned up by the Red Alliance.

The reason her third uncle had this virus was that he knew someone from the Red Alliance. That person had sent it to him to study back then.

The trojan horse virus was called the Lizard Tail.

Her third uncle had studied this virus for five years before finding a way to resolve the trojan horse. He also told her the solution.

If not for that, she wouldn't have dared to use this virus.

She was certain that no one other than her knew this virus, let alone know the way to take care of it!

Zhou Wei calmed down after some thought. She looked up and explained logically, "Miss Qiao is only in her third year of high school, I don't think she has learned programming and software systematically. Even if she has talent, she will inevitably encounter bugs she has never seen before. It's normal that she can't resolve them."

Her words sounded very reasonable at first glance and also explained why she had such a big reaction earlier.

But everyone in the meeting room had seen the surveillance video!

Hearing her say that Qiao Nian couldn't resolve it with a calm expression, the situation seemed especially dramatic.

Gu San couldn't help but mock her. "I don't think that's the reason."

"Then, what are you trying to say?" Zhou Wei pursed her lips unhappily. She still didn't know that everyone knew the truth. "You know very well yourself!" Gu San looked at her. "A bug? Are you sure it's not a virus?"

Zhou Wei's face turned green with a huge reaction. She shouted, "What virus? Who said that? Did Qiao Nian say that?"

She was still pretending! Gu San ignored her, but his eyes were especially disdainful. "Don't pull everything on Miss Qiao!"

Zhou Wei gritted her teeth at his cold gaze and turned to look at the burly man as if she was asking for help. She said softly, "Team Leader Luo, you've been keeping the USB flash drive all along. Where did the virus come from? It's obvious that there's a bug in the programming! The programming back then was not perfect, don't you think?" Luo Qing didn't expect her to really have the cheek to ask this. Meeting Zhou Wei's gaze, his expression was dark as he said word by word, "There was really a virus on the USB.

"It's called Lizard Tail."

Zhou Wei pinched her fingertips tightly as her lips turned white. She couldn't help but widen her eyes in shock and panic when Luo Qing said the name of the virus accurately... 

How did he know this?

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