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Chapter 767: A Loud Scheme

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Zhou Wei was still waiting anxiously, not knowing that she had been captured by the surveillance cameras

She looked up at the clock on the wall.

She couldn’t sit still seeing that almost an hour had passed since Luo Qing sent someone to look for her. The coffee had lost its smell. She put down the cup she was holding and could no longer pretend to be calm. An uneasy feeling surged in her heart. Zhou Wei couldn’t say why she was feeling uneasy, but she couldn’t calm down.

After a short hesitation, she picked up her phone on the table and sent a message to the second team.

A minute passed

No one replied.

Three minutes passed.

Still no one replied. “What’s going on?” Zhou Wei frowned. She looked down at her phone and sent another message unwillingly.

She thought that he would definitely reply to her quickly this time.

In the end, her phone was silent, and there was no response.

Zhou Wei couldn’t sit still. She stood up and held her phone with both hands. She walked to the window again and searched for the group message from Team 2

The earliest group message was still an hour ago.

Team Leader Zhou, when are you coming over? I don’t think Liao Xu and the others can handle the bug in the USB. Liao Xu is so anxious that he’s covered in sweat. He’s almost dying. You must come over soon.] Zhou Wei saw that her reply had been quite calm. No hurry. Wait for a while more.)

Then, someone else sent a message.

[F*ck, Team Leader Luo must be crazy. He really wants that high school student to show the driverless technology to the overseas experts on his behalf. It’s over… the Ninth Branch is going to lose face this time!

There was no new message next.

Zhou Wei rubbed her phone screen anxiously and flipped to the last message.

She had seen Luo Qing asking Qiao Nian to replace him on the stage, but she did not take it to heart. At that time, she was certain that Luo Qing wasn’t bold enough to really ask her to replace him. Therefore, she waited in the room calmly and waited until Luo Qing couldn’t hold it in any more before asking someone to beg her for help…

Unexpectedly, she waited for an hour.

An hour. Did Luo Qing really let Qiao Nian go up? It was too ridiculous!

On this public visitation day, MGP and MIT’s experts were all here. It was very important to the Ninth Branch. Even if Luo Qing dared to let Qiao Nian try, she did not believe that Young Master Bo and the others would let her. Her thoughts were very simple. Once Bo Jingxing interfered, he would definitely only be able to find her in the end. After all, she was the number one person in the nine IT departments.

The bug that Liao Xu couldn’t resolve could only be solved by her.

Then, she could logically showcase her ability and solve the bug on the USB drive to prove herself. At the same time, she could show others that she was the most talented person in the country’s programming industry!

This was Zhou Wei’s plan. Just as she had guessed, Liao Xu couldn’t resolve the trojan horse virus on the USB, and Luo Qing had sent someone to look for her for help..

The problem lay behind.

Zhou Wei frowned and felt even more uneasy. She didn’t understand why no one had looked for her after almost an hour. No one had replied to her messages. Did Qiao Nian really replace Luo Qing?

As soon as this thought surfaced in Zhou Wei’s mind, she couldn’t help but laugh. The corners of her mouth twitched as she muttered to herself, “How is this possible

Just as she finished speaking

Her phone suddenly vibrated.

When she saw Luo Qing’s call, she immediately picked it up in a hurry. Then, she took a deep breath to compose herself and pretended to be calm as she said, “Hello? Team Leader Luo called me for something?”

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