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Chapter 762: Sister Nian: The Trojan Horse Was Deliberately Planted Into the USB Flash Drive By Someone

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There was a lot to think about regarding this question. Although he had a list of suspects in his mind, it wouldn’t be good for him to voice it out loud.

Luo Qing didn’t want to think too deeply. He shook his head, looked at Gu San again, and solemnly asked, “By the way, what about her presentation?”

It was still fine before he brought up this matter. However, after he mentioned it, Gu San showed an expression of amazement. It was as if he was excited and as if he had been stunned. It was simply too complicated.

Facing the eagerness of everyone from the Ninth Branch, he turned his eyes and touched his lips. His voice was uncontrollably dry as he said, “Miss Qiao…”

Seeing his expression, everyone held their breaths anxiously.

Luo Qing was tempted to pry his mouth open to make him speak faster. He asked hurriedly, “How is Miss Qiao doing? Did she fail?”

Qiao Nian’s failure was within his expectations.

Unmanned operation technology involved many aspects. It also required a lot of professional knowledge, as well as knowledge in the field of mathematics and physics.

Qiao Nian hadn’t passed the College Entrance Examination yet.

Advanced mathematics and physics were only taught in college. Even if Qiao Nian was unfamiliar with certain formulas, it was to be expected.

Furthermore, Qiao Nian went up to present because of him. When Luo Qing thought of this, he calmed down. He showed an expression of acceptance and slowly spoke after thinking for a while. “It doesn’t matter even if Miss Qiao didn’t present well. After all, she was forced to present in such a hurry. She just simply looked at my manuscript. It’s impossible for an ordinary person to remember so many details in such a short time.”

Before he could finish speaking, Gu San’s expression became more and more excited. He looked at him with bright eyes and shook his head. “Team Leader Luo, I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Then, what do you mean? Tell me quickly!”

Luo Qing was very frustrated. “Why are you speaking so slowly? You’re leaving us hanging!”

“I’m not leaving you hanging. I’m just afraid that you guys won’t believe me.”

After Gu San finished speaking, he glanced around at everyone. He pretended to be calm and said, “The manuscript… Miss Qiao has memorized it all!”

Luo Qing was speechless.

Liao Xu was also speechless.

Everyone who had heard Gu San’s words became stunned.

Luo Qing quickly regained his senses. His eyes almost popped out. He grabbed Gu San’s shoulder with an incredible expression on his face. “You said that Miss Qiao memorized the whole script?”

The script was ten pages long!

He hadn’t memorized it himself and planned to take the manuscript up with him. If he didn’t remember something, he could take it out to take another look.

Qiao Nian only had ten minutes to look through the manuscript. It seemed like she only had time to scan and flip through it. However, she actually managed to memorize the whole manuscript?

What kind of memory was this?

This was too amazing!

Gu San nodded and replied with certainty, “Yes, Miss Qiao seems to have memorized the whole script. She even wrote some stuff on the blackboard. She’s presenting the whole thing smoothly.”

The whole presentation was smooth and did not face any problems.

Luo Qing loosened his shoulders and lowered his hands. His mouth opened and closed, but he couldn’t make a sound.

He was completely convinced of her abilities this time!

The Ninth Branch’s presentation on driverless technology was unexpectedly smooth. Qiao Nian’s young age and smooth presentation managed to convince the foreign experts.

Furthermore, this time, they not only saw the state-of-the-art driverless technology but also saw the whole process of Qiao Nian cracking the legendary Lizard Tail trojan virus.

Bo Jingxing was responsible for showing her around.

They waited for everyone else to leave.

Luo Qing and everyone else waiting outside walked into the room.

Ye Wangchuan capped the pen, got up, and walked over to Qiao Nian on the podium. She pulled out the USB flash drive. Her eyes were bright and deep. “What’s going on?”

“A trojan horse virus was deliberately implanted into the USB flash drive.”

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