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Chapter 763: Sister Nian: It Was Actually Very Simple

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“I’m pretty sure that before I handed the USB flash drive to Team Leader Luo, there was no virus in it. The trojan horse was deliberately implanted in it. One of you did it.” Qiao Nian had no intention of hiding her suspicions. She threw the removed USB flash drive to Luo Qing in front of everyone.

Luo Qing almost missed it, but fortunately, he reacted quickly and managed to catch the USB flash drive. He got the USB flash drive and clenched it tightly. With a stern face, he looked at Qiao Nian seriously and said, “Miss Qiao, is the trojan virus really the Lizard Tail?”

“Yes.” The girl’s eyelashes curled wildly. She held the podium with one hand and leaned by the side. Her expression on her delicate eyebrows and her eyes seemed very casual.

Luo Qing was silent for a moment.

This matter involved the people from the Ninth Branch and the virus from the Red Alliance. There was only one person he could think of—Zhou Wei!

However, Zhou Wei had already put so much effort into developing the driverless technology. He couldn’t understand why she would do this.

How could this benefit her in any way?

Was she not afraid of embarrassing the entire Ninth Branch together with her?

Liao Xu didn’t think so much. He was only thinking about one thing. He looked at the girl on the podium feverishly. He suppressed his excited tone and said, “Miss Qiao, how did you get past the Lizard Tail virus? This is the most powerful trojan horse developed by the Red Alliance. It hasn’t been cracked by anyone before. Even I was helpless in front of this virus. I want to know how you cracked it. Is it convenient for Miss Qiao to tell me?”

An insightful gaze fell on her.

Qiao Nian didn’t need to look to know who it was.

She hadn’t thought about this issue before. She was only concerned about doing Luo Qing a favor. She had just realized that her abilities were exposed.

She had a headache. Frowning, she tried her best to ignore the man’s gaze as she replied slowly, “It’s actually very simple.”

Liao Xu was speechless.

The Lizard Tail virus appeared about five years ago. No one was able to crack it yet. How could it be so simple?

“There’s a bug hidden in the trojan horse program itself. It’s easy to crack if you find the bug. It just takes some time to fix the files.” Qiao Nian spoke casually.

Liao Xu and the others from the Ninth Branch looked like they were listening to the words of a wise man.

There was a bug in the Lizard Tail program?

What the hell?

Was this really the legendary virus developed by the Red Alliance?

However, why did he feel like Miss Qiao was describing this super virus like an unsuccessful product made by a child?

“I don’t understand.” Liao Xu looked at her eagerly. He was tempted to drag Qiao Nian aside and make her explain in detail. “I tried to crack it several times by myself and have not found any bug. Miss Qiao, where is the bug you mentioned? How could I not find it?”

He couldn’t find it. However, Miss Qiao said that it was very easy to find. How could it be possible?

Qiao Nian spoke directly and concisely. “This Lizard Tail is not hard to crack. I will show you later. It’s just a trojan horse with loopholes.”

Her eyebrows didn’t even move. She obviously did not care about Liao Xu and the Lizard Tail virus, although this virus seemed to be regarded as a big deal to the people from the Ninth Branch.

It was normal for Qiao Nian to not care about this “super virus”. A few years ago, she was bored. In addition to playing games, she became interested in programming using the C programming language. In the process, she made many things. These things included the verification system that Luo Qing saw before and the Lizard Tail virus that Liao Xu was talking about now.. These products were merely unfinished products that she made during that time

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