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Chapter 761: Why Would There Be a Virus From the Red Alliance in the Ninth Branch?

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The facts of the matter far exceeded his imagination.

Over the next one hour, Qiao Nian’s performance on stage was perfect.

It only took her twenty minutes to get rid of the trojan horse in the USB flash drive.

Then, she took a piece of chalk and began talking to more than two dozen top domestic and foreign experts. She carefully explained the driverless driving technology combined with the 3D model on the USB flash drive.

There was a part he was worried about.

For example, Qiao Nian used extremely rare words related to professional fields with great precision. It was as if she had participated in the development and research of this project throughout the process.

“Driverless technology has been studied in China since the 1980s. Hongqi HQ3 is controlled by a computer system throughout the journey. The speed and direction of the vehicle are controlled by a computer system, and the maximum speed set by the system is 110km/h. During the experiment, the measured average speed of autonomous driving throughout the journey was 87km/h.”

Bo Jingxing leaned back in his chair blankly. He watched her present on the stage, with her bright red lips moving. One after another, precise measurement numbers came out of her mouth.

She held the chalk while facing diagonally to the audience, occasionally writing down one or two formulas on the blackboard.

She also used the chalk to point at the 3D operation model on the projection.

The operation model which had been studied by the Ninth Branch for the past couple of years was simple and clear in her hands. Qiao Nian’s tone never changed from the beginning. It was the kind of causal voice that slowly explained the unmanned operation technology developed domestically to the foreign experts.

So concise!

So cool and unbelievable!

The calm aura was so powerful, exactly the same as someone they knew!

Outside the conference room, basically everyone from the Ninth Branch was present.

However, they couldn’t enter. Therefore, they could only peek through the gap in the door and try to get some details on what was happening inside.

“How is it?”

Gu San was looking at the situation inside. Luo Qing walked back and forth beside him, asking questions from time to time.

Gu San was dumbfounded. He peeked through the door for half an hour before reluctantly reporting the situation to a group of people.

“Miss Qiao got rid of the trojan horse virus in the USB flash drive before the group of experts.”

“Miss Qiao got rid of the virus?” Luo Qing spoke excitedly, and a smile immediately appeared on his face. He couldn’t conceal his joy. “That’s great!”

As long as the virus was gone, everything else would also go more smoothly.

Liao Xu specialized in hacking and viruses. He was more interested in the virus as compared to Luo Qing. He asked, “Did Miss Qiao say what kind of virus it was?”

He was confident he could crack almost all viruses in China. However, he was helpless when faced with the virus in the USB flash drive.

It could be said that he didn’t even scratch that virus’ surface.

Therefore, he wanted to know what kind of virus it was.

Gu San stuttered. He wasn’t very familiar with viruses. He had only briefly heard her mention it. He thought for a long while before replying with uncertainty, “I heard that it is probably a lizard’s tail.”

Liao Xu exclaimed, “Lizard Tail?!”

Gu San’s eyes lit up, and he clapped. “Yes, that’s right. Lizard Tail. I think I heard this name coming from inside the room.”

The scars on Liao Xu’s face jumped up excitedly. He couldn’t hide his excitement. “I didn’t expect the virus to be the Lizard Tail.”

Luo Qing’s expression also changed all of a sudden. He spoke with a complicated expression. “Is that the virus that the Red Alliance made? Why would a virus made by the Red Alliance be on a USB flash drive from the Ninth Branch?”

He was sure that when Qiao Nian gave him the USB flash drive, there were no trojan horses or other viruses in the USB flash drive.

Where did this virus come from?

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