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Chapter 756: Sister Nian: Why Don’t I Go Up?

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According to the original plan, Luo Qing should take the USB drive to the conference room and show the driverless operating system in front of the nine overseas research organizations.

But now, everything was ruined.

The USB was useless. Even if Luo Qing braced himself and showed it in front of many overseas researchers, he would still lose face.

Luo Qing also understood this logic. He gritted his teeth and scratched his head in frustration. “Nothing seems to work. I can’t possibly not bring the USB drive up.”

Liao Xu, Chen Zhu, and the others fell silent.

Especially Liao Xu. He stood rooted to the ground and was unable to speak for a long time. He was probably blaming himself. The scar on his face was red from holding it in. He walked to the side and punched the wall. Then, he hugged his head and said in a muffled voice, “It’s all my fault. If I had solved the bug earlier, it wouldn’t have ended up like this.”

Gu San placed his hand on his shoulder and comforted him silently. “Liao Xu, don’t be like this. No one wanted it to turn out like this.”

“But…” Liao Xu’s eyes were red. It could be seen how much he blamed himself.

Luo Qing hit the table again in frustration. He took out his phone and wondered if he should report this to Ye Wangchuan.

Until the last moment, he was really unwilling to tell Master Wang that something had happened in the technical department.


They had clearly succeeded in creating driverless technologies overseas that could prove their country’s level of technology.

In the end, it turned out like this.

If he had known that this would happen, he might as well not have set this process. There was no need to embarrass himself like this.

Qiao Nian remained silent as she typed on the keyboard silently to clean the trojan horse virus on the programming software. She hit the last enter key, and the computer began to automatically disintegrate the trojan horse…

She then moved her hands away from the keyboard and leaned back in her chair. She glanced at the serious-looking crowd and narrowed her eyes. Suddenly, she turned to the tall and burly man.

“Should I go up?”

“Miss Qiao?” Luo Qing was stunned for a moment and did not react.

Gu San was also stunned for a moment. He reacted faster than him. When he heard that Qiao Nian was willing to replace Luo Qing, his first reaction was of surprise. Then, he became worried and concerned. “Miss Qiao, you… you want to demonstrate the driverless system on Team Leader Luo’s behalf?”

“Can’t I?”

“It’s not impossible…”

This was quite a big matter.

The people of the Ninth Branch placed great importance on this.

There was no need for Qiao Nian to do this.

After all, if this went wrong, Qiao Nian would be the one in trouble.

Gu San was still on Qiao Nian’s side. Of course, he didn’t want her to get involved in this.

On the one hand, he hoped that Qiao Nian could go. After all, he knew very well how capable she was. If Miss Qiao was willing to go on Luo Qing’s behalf, she might be able to resolve this matter successfully.

“I’m just afraid…”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Qiao Nian was quite calm. She said calmly, “Don’t worry, I wrote this program. I won’t panic if I go up. Also, I can stall for time to resolve the trojan horse on the USB.

“Or, can you find a second person who can resolve the trojan horse virus?”

When this was said, Gu San stopped talking.

Because he couldn’t!

Other than Qiao Nian, no other person could resolve this trojan horse virus!

The method Qiao Nian suggested was the only way.

Luo Qing was also unusually silent. He and Liao Xu looked at each other in dismay.. He hoped that she could resolve this matter successfully, but he was also worried that she would be implicated.

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