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Chapter 755: If a Dog Has IQ

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Qiao Nian walked over and sat in Liao Xu’s seat. She typed on the keyboard with her fair fingers and looked at the screen with a deep gaze.

Luo Qing and the others held their breaths, waiting for her results.

After waiting for three minutes, Luo Qing couldn’t wait any longer. He leaned forward and asked in a low voice, “Miss Qiao, how is it? Can it be resolved?”

“There’s a virus.”

Qiao Nian’s hands left the keyboard and she leaned back against the chair with a convincing aura.

Her explanation was the same as Liao Xu’s. They both said that it was a virus.

When the people from Team 2 heard the word “virus,” they snorted disdainfully and thought nothing of it.

“What virus? There’s clearly a problem with the programming in the USB drive you gave. Why must you push the blame to the virus?”

The person who spoke was from Zhou Wei’s team.

Gu San immediately raised his eyebrows and was about to flare up.

The girl leaning against the back of the chair raised her eyebrows slightly and glanced at him with her dark eyes. Her tone was soothing and casual. “If a dog has IQ, it can’t even say what you just said.”

If a dog had IQ…

At first, the people in the house did not react. When they thought about it carefully, they couldn’t help but laugh.

Especially those from Team 1, they laughed ruthlessly.

After being rebuked, the man did not react immediately. When he heard the mockery around him, he realized that Qiao Nian was scolding him. His face instantly turned green and white as he pointed at her anxiously. “You…”

Before he could finish, Luo Qing’s face darkened. He glanced at him with a cold gaze and scolded him rudely. “What time is it? Why are you still arguing here? Are you able to do a better job?”

Liao Xu’s skills were only worse than Zhou Wei’s in the technical department. He was better than everyone else.

How could the man resolve a bug that even Liao Xu couldn’t?

Luo Qing’s gaze swept across his frozen face, cold as the winter ice. “If you can’t, shut your mouth. Stop f*cking talking!”

With that, he didn’t care if he was being too disrespectful to Zhou Wei’s people. He turned around and looked at the girl sitting there with an anxious expression. He asked in a low voice, “Miss Qiao, can this virus be resolved?”

“Wait, let me see.”

Qiao Nian took out the coder and connected it to the computer. She typed on the keyboard and tried to pull up the program.

Luo Qing, Gu San, and the others waited beside her with bated breaths.

Three minutes later, she looked up. Her skin was smooth and white, and her eyes were dark and bright. Her aura was inexplicably calm. “It can be resolved.”

“Phew…” Luo Qing suddenly gasped, his tense face relaxing a little. He asked, “That’s good. How long will it take?”

Qiao Nian’s long fingers typed on the keyboard. Her eyelashes were slightly raised and her eyes were wild. “About half an hour.”

“Half an hour?”

Luo Qing’s heart, which had just calmed down, rose again. He looked at the phone beside him. Time was pressing, and he didn’t have time to wait for half an hour.

“Can you be faster?”

It was their turn less than fifteen minutes later. He couldn’t wait half an hour.

Qiao Nian saw his anxious expression and did not say anything. She tried again and frowned slightly. She placed her hands on the keyboard and looked up at him. “No, it’ll take half an hour at the earliest.”

Someone from Team 1 couldn’t stay calm.. He stomped his feet and walked back and forth as he clenched his fists and said impatiently, “Boss, what should we do now? It’s only 15 minutes until our turn. We can’t possibly use this USB drive…”

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