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Chapter 757: A Simple Manual

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After quickly weighing the pros and cons, he looked up and seemed to have made up his mind. He looked at Qiao Nian with a deep gaze. “But Miss Qiao, you don’t know the contents of the speech… There’s so much time. Even if you can resolve the trojan horse virus, you don’t have a script…”

Qiao Nian didn’t know what to say when she went up. She had never done a PowerPoint before, so she didn’t know the procedure at all.

The girl wasn’t wearing a cap today. Her facial features were exquisite and bright, making her extremely eye-catching.

Hearing this, she only raised her eyes slightly and stared at him with her beautiful black eyes. When their eyes met, he felt inexplicably relieved.

“Do you have a script?”

Luo Qing paused for a moment and returned to his senses. His brows were tightly furrowed. “I do, but not really either. I only have a simple manuscript.”

He had originally wanted to go on stage without a script, but he didn’t have the complete version of the script. He only printed out the important content and sorted out a simple script.

Even the simplified version had more than ten pages.

It was filled with professional terms.

There were also many foreign languages.

Qiao Nian didn’t waste her breath and said simply, “Let me see.”

“Now?” Luo Qing asked. He took a deep breath, then searched for the script and handed it to Qiao Nian.

“This is it. This is just a simple version.”

Qiao Nian took the script and began to flip through the pages. The light shone on the side of her face as if there was a faint layer of light.

For the next ten minutes, everyone in the room watched as she flipped another page every two minutes.

She was so fast that it was as if she wasn’t reading a scientific research report with obscure words, but a comic book.

It almost seemed like she read ten lines with every glance…

As time passed, 10 minutes later, the girl finished flipping through the last page of the manuscript. She looked up and said to Luo Qing with a cold expression, “I’m done reading. I’ll go up in your place later.”

“…Miss Qiao.” Luo Qing had a lot to say, but he could only call out her name dryly.

How could he let Qiao Nian be his scapegoat?

Qiao Nian thought that he was worried that she would mess things up. She held the script and stood up, then said calmly, “Don’t worry. I know the procedure after I read your script. I shouldn’t mess it up…”

Luo Qing wasn’t afraid that she would mess things up.

She turned her head and asked Chen Zhu, “Is it almost time?”

Chen Zhu looked at the time, “There are still three minutes.”

Qiao Nian took off the USB drive on the computer. Her exquisite eyes were cold and dry as she said in a low and hoarse voice, “Let’s go.”

She walked in front while Chen Zhu led the way.

The people in Team 2 didn’t expect her to really dare to replace Luo Qing to show the driverless system to the overseas researchers. Furthermore, she only looked at the script for 10 minutes and was holding a USB flash drive without having resolved the trojan horse. She still dared to go up…

Someone looked at her back in a daze and couldn’t help but whisper, “Can she do it?”

Qiao Nian had stepped forward bravely for the technical department this time. Luo Qing couldn’t describe the emotions surging in his chest. When he heard someone from the second team gossiping, his expression darkened and he said coldly, “No, but I didn’t see Zhou Wei either! What’s there to talk about? Go ahead if you’re capable!”

In the Ninth Branch conference room.

It was the intermission. Someone came in to serve tea.

Around twenty blond and blue-eyed experts were taking advantage of this time to discuss the insights of the original nucleus experiment that the master had just demonstrated.

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