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Chapter 714: Chanting to Sister Nian as Though He Was a Monk Reciting the Scriptures

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However, when she saw that his eyes were full of sincerity and that he purely wanted to show her around the Ninth Branch, she put down her earphones irritably.

Accepting her fate, she continued to listen to him talk about his popular technology. Meanwhile, trying to hide the depression in her eyes, she turned on her cell phone.

As soon as the cell phone was turned on, she received several messages.

Trying to make herself less irritated by imagining there was just an extra monk at her side, she opened the messages.

The first message was from Chen Yuan. [Sister Nian, have you arrived in Beijing? Remember to let me know when you will be coming back.]

Remembering that Aunt Chen had brought back a hen from her hometown, Qiao Nian’s mood lifted a little. The corners of her mouth raised slightly. Her black eyes were clear as her slender white fingers clicked on the screen to reply to his message.

After replying to Chen Yuan’s message, she took a look at the other messages.

They were from Shen Hui and Liang Bowen, as well as Shen Qingqing. They were basically asking if she had left and were just updating her on the school assignments.

Liang Bowen’s message was the most exaggerated. His message consisted of many emojis that said, “Thank you, big boss.”

In addition, there was also a message from Nie Mi.

She sent Nie Mi a message last night, telling him that she might not be able to attend the music exchange meeting.

Nie Mi didn’t reply to her last night and only sent her a reply today.

She looked at the time Nie Mi replied to her message. 9:30 AM. At that time, she was on the plane, and her cell phone was turned off. She didn’t see it. After getting off the plane, she had to call someone, and then she met with Bo Jingxing and his party. She didn’t have time to read his message.

She only saw his message now.

[Nie: It’s okay if you are busy. It’s okay if you can’t come. If you aren’t going, I won’t be going either. I will let the organizer know.]

[Nie: By the way, you better not stand me up regarding Qing University. I have already prepared the lessons for my class. I’m just waiting for you to enroll. You better not sell me out.]

Qiao Nian looked at his consecutive messages and couldn’t help but smile. She squinted a little and replied to him casually.

[QN: Okay.]

She had already replied to several messages, but when she lifted her head, she found out that someone was still talking about the situation in the Ninth Branch.

Qiao Nian temples started to throb fiercely.

She was speechless.

She wanted to get off immediately!

The atmosphere in the other car was tense.

As soon as everyone boarded the car.

Zhou Wei saw a laptop in the car and did not waste any time. She directly said to Luo Qing, “Team Leader Luo, Miss Qiao gave you the USB, right? There’s a laptop here. How about you take a look at the contents of the USB first?”

Luo Qing frowned and he hesitated. “There’s no need to be so anxious.”

“You’re planning to see it, anyway. If you don’t take a look now, you will still need to take a look once we go back to the Ninth Branch. Since there’s a laptop here, you can take this opportunity to take a look first.”

She didn’t believe that Qiao Nian was really capable of solving the problem in the source code.

Besides the driver, a few people from the Ninth Branch were also in the car. They spoke in turn. “I want to see it, too.”

“Team Leader Luo, did Miss Qiao really solve the problem in the source code for the unmanned driving system in just one day?”

“If the source code for the unmanned driving system is really on the USB, I want to see it too.”

Luo Qing didn’t say anything. He knew that even though they said that they were curious, they were actually skeptical and did not believe that Qiao Nian would be able to solve the problem in the source code.

He was more inclined to believe in Qiao Nian’s solution. After all, he had seen how she managed to reverse the situation regarding the hackers. She even managed to hack all the opponent’s computers.

“Do you guys really want to see it?” Luo Qing asked with a serious expression, wanting to give them one more chance to save themselves from embarrassment.

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