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Chapter 713: Someone Stood Up

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“All of you don’t have the time?” Bo Jingxing glanced at them one by one. Everyone reluctantly met his gaze.

He didn’t expect everyone to be unwilling to show Qiao Nian around the Ninth Branch. His heart sank slightly, and he rubbed his eyebrows. He didn’t know how to explain this situation to Qiao Nian.

“How about…”

Ye Wangchuan called him specially to tell him that he had to welcome her properly. However, as soon as she had arrived, he had already embarrassed her.

Regardless of her ability to treat Master Cheng, this situation was not ideal.

Bo Jingxing was very busy. He had a lot of things to take care of. He was just about to offer to show her around personally when someone in the crowd stood up.

The person weakly raised his hand. “Young Master Bo, I have some time. How about I show Miss Qiao around?”

Qiao Nian didn’t care if anyone showed her around. She never expected anyone to volunteer themselves. The edges of her eyes raised a little, and she looked over with surprise. An unassuming man had raised his hand.

The man met her gaze and nodded politely. He greeted her and spoke with a friendly attitude. “I don’t have many things to take care of. If Miss Qiao is alright with me, I have the time to show you around.”

Bo Jingxing was worried that no one would want to show her around. If someone was willing, he had no opinions against their decision. He turned his head and checked with Qiao Nian. “Sister Qiao, are you okay with Chen Zhu showing you around?”

He knew that Chen Zhu was also from the research department. He joined the Ninth Branch at the same time as Zhou Wei, and their abilities were comparable. However, he didn’t have any results to show for it in the past few years.

Comparatively, Zhou Wei had been involved with the Ninth Branch since young.

Chen Zhu didn’t stand out.

Qiao Nian narrowed her black eyes and retracted her gaze. She spoke casually. “I’m fine with it.”

“Okay, Chen Zhu will show you around. If you face any problems, you can ask him or me.”

The cars heading to the Ninth Branch were parked outside.

After leaving the airport, everyone got on the bus in turns.

Chen Zhu, Qiao Nian, and Gu San got in a car because it had been decided that Chen Zhu would show her around the next few days.

The others boarded a separate car.

The cars were headed towards the Ninth Branch.

Along the way, Chen Zhu dutifully introduced the Ninth Branch to her.

Qiao Nian didn’t sleep well. Even if she managed to sleep for three hours on the plane, she only slept less than five hours in total. According to her original plan, she was going to take a break on the way to the Ninth Branch. She wanted to close her eyes and recuperate or play with her cell phone.

At this moment, because Chen Zhu was in the same car with them, she was forced to listen to him talk about the Ninth Branch.

“Miss Qiao, the Ninth Branch is divided into two regions. One of them is the research institute, which is mainly responsible for technology development and management. The other is an intelligence agency, which is mainly responsible for intelligence gathering.

“Master Cheng is a master in the field of biotechnology. He belongs to the research institute. We will also be staying at the research institute this time.

“The research side has more rules. Basically, we are not allowed to go out after nine o’clock in the evening. There’s also access control for entering and exiting the premises. Do you know about biometric technology? The access control here basically uses iris acquisition technology, relying on a person’s iris to enter and exit. This technology is currently one of the most high-end access control technologies in the world. It’s also the first technology developed and adopted by the Ninth Branch. Speaking of which, Team Leader Zhou was involved in the research of this technology. It was the first achievement made by Team Leader Zhou after she entered the Ninth Branch.”

Qiao Nian listened to him as though he was an electronic expert, familiar with all kinds of popular technology. She nestled in a position feeling very annoyed.. She took out her earphones and was about to put them on.

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