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Chapter 715: Your Sister Nian

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Zhou Wei raised her chin proudly, unable to understand his kind gesture. “Let us take a look. Miss Qiao said that she has solved our problem. I want to see how she managed to do it. Maybe I can even learn from her.

“After all, no matter how good a person is, there will always be someone better.”

Although the words she used were meant to signify good things, she was being ironic.

Luo Qing didn’t bother to reject her anymore. He stretched out his hand and said, “Okay, you can take a look for yourself. Give me the laptop. I will check the USB first.”

Zhou Wei handed him the laptop.

They were in the car, so she wasn’t worried that Luo Qing would deliberately do something to help Qiao Nian.

Luo Qing took the laptop from her and turned it on in front of everyone.

The laptops provided by the Ninth Branch were of high quality. Even this rather low-end laptop booted up very quickly. The configurations were still better than the high-end laptops that could be bought in stores.

The laptop turned on smoothly.

Before Luo Qing plugged in the USB flash drive, he raised his head and looked at the few people in the car. He said, “Just now, when Young Master Bo asked if anyone would like to show Miss Qiao around for the next few days, none of you wanted to. You all said that you were busy, so I didn’t bother to tell you all anything. Although I don’t know if Miss Qiao is able to cure Master Cheng’s headache, I’m still amazed by her! You guys will realize what kind of opportunities you have missed in the future.”

Who else could have gotten first place in the joint examination for Qing University?

Although he wasn’t close to Qiao Nian, he was still convinced that she was capable after seeing her capabilities. Furthermore, Gu San was someone who worked closely with Master Wang.

Gu San was amazed by Miss Qiao based on her ability and not on Master Wang’s account.

It could be said that he respected her!

He believed that the girl had a unique ability that surpassed ordinary people, seeing that Gu San would respect a girl who was younger than him from the bottom of his heart.

The people from the Ninth Branch looked at each other but did not say anything.

They were on Zhou Wei’s side.

They didn’t believe that Qiao Nian could solve their problem.

“Team Leader Luo, you don’t have to say so much. Please just open the source code first. The facts will prove everything! If she can really solve the problem that has plagued our second group for three months, needless to say, I will also apologize to her for my previous attitude. But if she’s just pretending, hahaha…”

Zhou Wei didn’t finish her sentence, but everyone knew what she wanted to say.

Luo Qing looked at her deeply. Seeing Zhou Wei’s proud posture with no regret, he remembered that he had also challenged Qiao Nian before. He said that he would swallow the laptop in front of her. She was in the same situation as him!

He decided not to waste any more words on them and simply said, “Okay, you said it yourself. If Miss Qiao really provided us with a solution, you will apologize to her.”

“She must provide us with the solution first!” Zhou Wei had a proud and confident expression on her face.

Luo Qing turned his gaze away from her and focussed on the laptop. He opened the archive stored on the USB flash drive and clicked on it.

Everyone leaned over and stared at the screen intently.

The screen started to go black, and there was no response for several seconds. It was as if the laptop crashed.

A proud look appeared on Zhou Wei’s face, as though she had known that this would happen. The corners of her mouth started to lift up…

At this moment, the black screen began to run the program. Several lines of code popped up, followed by a verification system.

Someone showed a surprised expression and exclaimed, “Oh my god! Is this iris recognition?”

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