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Chapter 710: Asking to Be Slapped With Humiliation

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Zhou Wei was practically interrogating her.

No matter what the situation was, her tone was extremely disrespectful.

Even Bo Jingxing, a Buddhist who kept his cool, frowned at this point. He turned to her with a warning glance.

Zhou Wei pretended not to see it. She kept her eyes fixed on the girl with her cap on, and continued pushing her way. “I’m not rushing you, but Miss Qiao, back then you were the one who told the few of us that you could solve it in one day. It’s been so long and you were so confident about it, so I thought I’d ask.”

Taking one day to solve the automated program?!

The few Ninth Branch members exchanged shocked glances.

Luo Qing and Zhou Wei had just argued in front of them while they were talking about the program, but nobody knew what program it was exactly.

Now that Zhou Wei mentioned “automated”, everyone was stunned.

Automated technologies were one of the most popular technologies currently.

Every country wanted a share of this technology as soon as possible.

But the technology was too advanced and difficult to work with!

The Ninth Branch had been researching it all this time, but the progress was abysmal. Previously, when they heard that something was wrong with the source code, Zhou Wei and the two teams she was leading spent three whole months trying to figure it out. Yet, this Miss Qiao actually said she could solve it in a day?

Everyone kept quiet, but deep down they agreed with what Zhou Wei had said previously, that Qiao Nian was too wild.

She wasn’t just wild, she was overboard!

How could a high school student solve a problem with an automated program source code in a day?


Zhou Wei saw how the rest of the Ninth Branch members were looking at Qiao Nian now and sneered. She tipped her chin up and said proudly, “Miss Qiao, the source code, are you done with it?”

She sounded calm and mild as if she was just asking a casual question, but everyone could tell she was finding trouble with Qiao Nian.

Gu San was getting angry. He warned her coldly, “Zhou Wei, don’t go too far!”

“Ha, I’m going too far? Miss Qiao said that herself. She said that she could solve the code in one day, I’m just here to ask about it. Why? I can’t even bring it up?” She chuckled as disdain filled her eyes. “Since I can’t bring it up now, then Miss Qiao shouldn’t have mentioned it back then. Given that she’d said it herself, it’s no surprise that someone’s going to ask her about it…”

She was basically already saying that Qiao Nian was embarrassing.

Gu San almost lost his cool.

Everyone felt the awkward and tense atmosphere.

They hadn’t expected Zhou Wei to establish her position in front of Qiao Nian so quickly.

This… was a bit too much.

Qiao Nian didn’t increase the volume on her cell phone.

The man on the other end of the line could hear some sounds but did not know what was going on.

Ye Wangchuan asked hoarsely, “What’s going on, why aren’t you saying anything?”

“Mm? Say what?” Qiao Nian appeared to not have heard Zhou Wei’s provocation as she put her hand to her earphone.

“Have you gathered with Luo Qing and the rest?” The man’s voice was warm and flirtatious.

Only then did Qiao Nian look up and catch Zhou Wei’s gaze. Qiao Nian’s eyes were rather cold as usual. “Mm.”

She didn’t tell him that most of the Ninth Branch members did not seem to welcome her. She just squinted her eyes in some annoyance and said, “I’ll hang up first.”

With that, she ended the call.

Zhou Wei’s expression had turned awful when she realized that Qiao Nian was still on the phone. She brought up the same old matter in an unpleasant tone and said, “Miss Qiao, have you come up with the code? It’s fine if you haven’t.. You can just tell the truth, there’s no need to hide it.”

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