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Chapter 709: Did You Forget Something?

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Besides, there was only one other person with Gu San. A girl with one hand in her pocket and the other hand holding her cell phone as she was on a call.

The cap covered her delicate brows and eyes, only revealing a cold chin. Her whole person looked cool.

But in terms of figure and age, the girl was not too mature. She was at most 18 or 19 years old…

This was Miss Qiao?

The doctor who Master Wang looked for to treat Master Cheng?

She really was a high school student?

The Ninth Branch members were stunned, and they all showed expressions of amazement and consternation. They looked at each other, but the looks on their faces were not very good.

Only Zhou Wei hugged her chest with both hands with cold eyes. “Hmph, pretentious!”

Her voice wasn’t too loud or too soft, just enough for everyone to hear her.

Luo Qing frowned reflexively and glanced in her direction, intentionally reminding her not to do this after Qiao Nian came over.

But it was too late, Qiao Nian had already come over.

“Young Master Bo, Leader Luo…” Gu San was relatively familiar with the people from the Ninth Branch and greeted them. When it was Zhou Wei’s turn, he automatically pretended not to see her and skipped her, directly greeting Chen Zhu who was next to her. “It’s been a while.”

“Haha, it has been long.”

“Brat, you’re finally willing to come back!”

The people from Ninth Branch had a good relationship with him. Everyone gathered around him, surrounded him, playfully shoved him with their hands, and hooked their arms around him.

After saying hello to most of the people, Gu San didn’t forget his mission. He pulled the hand of the person who was shouldering with him, turned his head, and introduced her to everyone.

“Oh right, let me introduce someone to you guys.”

He smiled and pointed at the girl who had just walked over, saying with an intimate attitude, “This is Miss Qiao. I’m here mainly to accompany Miss Qiao to see Master Cheng.”

The people from the Ninth Branch were still laughing with him at first, but when they saw Qiao Nian, their expressions became unnatural again.

Although they greeted Qiao Nian one after another, they were mostly being civil, and not much real welcome and happiness could be seen in their eyes.

Master Cheng was too important to the Ninth Branch!

Even if the girl in front of them was someone whom Master Wang found, to be honest, being so young was still unacceptable to them.

This girl did not look like she understood Medicine, either.

Even Chen Zhu, who had expectations for Qiao Nian at the beginning, couldn’t hide his doubts at this moment. Could Master Wang really have been cheated by her, as Leader Zhou mentioned?

Qiao Nian hadn’t hung up the phone yet and could feel that after Gu San introduced her to everyone, the eyes that fell on her were suspicious.

She didn’t feel anything special. At that moment, she simply pulled down her cap, raised her eyes, and looked over. She introduced herself concisely, “Qiao Nian. Hello.”

Her introduction was too simple. Several people from the Ninth Branch were stunned for a while. She was so cool?

Only Zhou Wei sneered at this time and suddenly said, “Did Miss Qiao forget something?”

She suddenly said these words, and everyone looked at her.

Luo Qing seemed to have guessed what she wanted to say and stopped her in a low voice. “Leader Zhou!”

Master Wang had already punished her, what was she trying to do again!

Zhou Wei looked arrogant and pretended not to hear him. She said calmly, “I remember that Miss Qiao mentioned that the problem of automated programming can be solved in one day. It has been three days, has Miss Qiao solved it yet?”

Originally, everyone was happy to receive her following her flight.. Even when others saw that Qiao Nian was so young and felt more or less uncomfortable about it, no one wore this suspicion and disapproval on their faces.

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