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Chapter 711: Sister Nian Taking Out a USB Drive

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“Ha.” Qiao Nian chuckled and took off her earphones, then turned to her irritatedly. “Did I say I was hiding anything?”

“Didn’t you…” Zhou Wei almost said ‘Didn’t you fail to come up with the code?’

At this point, the girl walked right past her and approached Luo Qing. She took a USB drive out of her pocket and handed it to him.

“This is?” Luo Qing took the USB drive from her, a little confused.

What was Miss Qiao giving him a USB drive for?

“You guys’ stuff.” Qiao Nian’s eyes were slightly red from her lack of sleep, making her look wilder than usual. “Didn’t you guys ask me to have a look at a code? I’ve sorted it out.”

“You mean this is the source code?” Luo Qing’s agitation was unconcealable. A look of disbelief flashed across his face.


Luo Qing was speechless now. He could produce no words at this point.

Zhou Wei and her team spent three months and did not find a solution to this problem. Meanwhile, she solved the problem of the automated program in just three days?

“Miss Qiao, when did you come up with it? I-I had no idea.”

Qiao Nian’s look was eye-catching, to begin with. She squinted her eyes and said calmly, “The day before yesterday. I was busy with some other matters thereafter and forgot to inform you.”

The day before yesterday?

This meant that she had only taken a day to solve it.

Luo Qing opened his mouth but was at a loss for words. He could barely calm down as he looked at her.

This was incredible!

Taking just one day to settle the hottest automated technology problem in the world.

Since there were others around, he didn’t want to reveal Qiao Nian’s private matters. Otherwise, he would be repeating his words from before.

Given Qiao Nian’s talent and capability, wouldn’t she be doing well in the Computing industry?

Why would she study Chinese Medicine? What a pity!


If she really did solve this problem, Miss Qiao was more than qualified to join the Ninth Branch!

“You said you solved it? How is that possible?” Zhou Wei’s expression was dark and awful. She doubted her intuitively.

She hadn’t expected Qiao Nian to really have brought a USB drive with her, let alone hand it to Luo Qing in front of everyone else only after Zhou Wei herself was done mocking her.

What a slap to her own face!

But she simply did not believe that Qiao Nian had the ability to solve the source code problem in one day. After all, given someone who researched this area, she was clear just how complicated the technology was.

However, she didn’t carry a laptop around and so couldn’t verify on the spot. She had to swallow her anger for now, but she was still indignant. “… Don’t you just use a random USB drive to fool us.”


Qiao Nian couldn’t be bothered with her. Her eyes had already turned cold with annoyance.

But on the account of Ye Wangchuan and Gu San, she did not flare up.

Bo Jingxing walked over, passing Zhou Wei and approaching Qiao Nian. He said to her, “Sister Qiao must be tired after sitting on the plane for so many hours. Let’s go, I’ll take you to the Ninth Branch first.”

Qiao Nian pursed her lips and looked up calmly. She nodded. “I’ll have to trouble you.”

Bo Jingxing smiled and said politely, “You’ve come all the way to have a look at Master Cheng. We’re the ones troubling you.”

Qiao Nian smiled casually. “Is that so, I thought I was gatecrashing.”

Otherwise, why was the atmosphere here so unfriendly?

“Of course, that is so.” Bo Jingxing knew just what she was referring to. He shot Zhou Wei a deep glance and then smiled at Qiao Nian. “I’ll give Miss Qiao an explanation regarding this matter.. We’ll have to depend on you to help Master Cheng out.”

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