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Chapter 708: I See Them

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Nobody said anything, but everyone felt the same.

The flight arrived punctually.

As soon as Qiao Nian got off the plane, Gu San dutifully reminded her, “Miss Qiao, don’t forget to call Master Wang.”

Qiao Nian slept on the plane and just woke up with her earphones plugged in. However, because she didn’t like listening to music when sleeping, she actually did not turn on the sound. So, she happened to hear what Gu San said.

With tired eyes, she took off one earphone, scrolled to someone’s phone number, then paused. She looked up at him with her dark, bottomless eyes and asked, “I can’t send a message?”

A message seemed to suffice if she just wanted to let him know she had arrived safely.

Gu San pretended not to understand and said in a low voice, “Miss Qiao, didn’t you promise to call Master Wang? Sending a message seems… like a bad idea?”

“Forget it.” Qiao Nian didn’t know if it was really a bad idea to send a message. She rubbed her temple and said, “I’ll just call.”

The call was picked up almost instantly.


The man’s voice was low and sultry, and he sounded so present despite not being physically in front of her. “Are you in Beijing?”

Qiao Nian walked out with the crowd and put one hand in her pocket. “Mm, just got off the plane, ready to go out.”

The man on the other end of the phone chuckled lightly, his low-mellow voice sounding like a harp—almost lazy, but with an inexplicable extravagance. “The weather in Beijing is colder than that in Rao City, so be careful not to catch a cold…”

Qiao Nian raised her head and found that the people passing by were wearing padded coats. It really looked like Beijing was a lot colder than Rao City. She lowered her eyes, collected the warmth that flashed in them, and said in a low voice, “I know, I was in Beijing just a few days ago.”

She had come when Wei Lou got her to have a look at his grandfather. That wasn’t too long ago.

However, compared to half a month ago, the temperature in Beijing seemed to have dropped a few degrees. Qiao Nian almost stopped to buy a bottle of hot coffee when she passed the vending machine, but Gu San was already walking ahead of her, so she pursed her lips and said nothing. Giving up on coffee, she followed Gu San out.

“…I almost forgot that you were there before.”

While she was distracted, the man’s voice came through the earphones, as if deliberately provocative. “I asked Bo Jingxing to pick you up at the airport. He should be outside, you will see him later. Luo Qing is also there, and also some people from the Ninth Branch. You may not know them… but Gu San is there, just follow him.”

Qiao Nian felt an itch in her ears, frowned, and kept her eyes forward. Soon, she saw Luo Qing and the others not far away.

Luo Qing, Bo Jingxing… and also some unfamiliar faces that she had never seen before. There were about seven or eight people.

She slowly retracted her gaze, her tone sloppy and ruffian. “Oh, I see them.”

On the other side, Luo Qing also saw the girl coming out of the terminal.

It had been a few days since he last saw her.

The girl was still dressed up in a cool fashion, except that her previous sweater was now replaced by a white hoodie. She was still wearing a cap, hiding her hair, and with her earphones plugged in as if she was talking to someone. The carefree and indifferent laziness in her bones was unconcealable!

He pointed in Qiao Nian’s direction, turned his head, and said to Bo Jingxing, who had been replying to his messages, “Young Master Bo, it’s Miss Qiao and Gu San. They’re out.”

They’re out?

The Ninth Branch members couldn’t help but look in the direction he pointed—

They knew Gu San.

He was Master Wang’s right-hand man and was always with him.

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