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Chapter 66: Venereal Disease on the Leg


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Oh my God. Looking at the shy and awkward behavior of the little demon, Gu San felt like he was watching a tiger acting cute, and he simply wanted to poke his eyes!

The Young Master wasn’t even so obedient in front of Mr. Ye, so what was Miss Qiao’s charm?

Qiao Nian pursed her lips and realized that he was greeting her, but she frowned, slightly overwhelmed and not knowing what to say.

She didn’t know how to deal with children, especially those who were five or six years old. She was silent for a few seconds, before sighing when the little boy’s eyes gradually dimmed. Walking over, she took out a gum bottle from her bag and poured a small sugar pill into his hand.

“Qiao Nian.”

With the sugar pill in his hand, Ye Qichen’s eyes immediately lit up again. He wanted to jump up for joy, but he paid attention to his image and could only resist the urge.

Although he was reluctant to eat it, he was afraid Qiao Nian would misunderstand that he didn’t like it, so he hesitated for a while before looking down and reluctantly putting the sugar pill into his mouth.

Ah, it was so sweet!

He squinted his eyes in contentment, looking just like Qiao Nian did when she ate sweets sometimes.

Ye Wangchuan rarely saw Ye Qichen’s child-like state, whose tough-guy image had softened. “Is the candy good?”


Ye Qichen bobbed his head up and down like a chicken pecking at rice. He liked it very much. He glanced sideways at Qiao Nian, afraid that she would run away.

Qiao Nian saw his gaze following her the entire time, and he pretty much looked at her wherever she went as if he strongly relied on her. Although she didn’t understand why he trusted her so much, she still pursed her lips and glanced at the fruits on the bedside table.

Walking over, she took out a pear and asked Gu San for the fruit knife.

In a while, she had peeled the pear. Instead of dividing it into small pieces, she handed the whole pear to him and asked, “Do you want it?”

The little devil who had been so picky about Qiao Chen’s pear and had even said malicious words to her was now like a completely different person. Without nitpicking, he took the big pear from Qiao Nian and ate it obediently.

Ye Wangchuan knew how difficult the child was. In the old manor in Beijing, this little devil only ate fruits that were peeled and cut well, and he had to be in a good mood too.

Upon seeing how obedient he was in front of Qiao Nian, he sneered but didn’t destroy the beautiful peace. Instead, he watched as he and Qiao Nian chatted randomly.

“Sister, the candy just now was so sweet. Was it orange flavored?”


“Was it an apple candy?”

Qiao Nian noticed that he would cover his left leg with his hand from time to time while chatting with her as if there was some venerable disease there. She poured out another small candy and handed it to him.


As if the candy was a little treasure, Ye Qichen stared preciously at it, smiling brightly.

Qiao Nian was beautiful and sassy. “I’ll bring you more next time if you like it.”

Ye Qichen’s eyes lit up even brighter, and he immediately nodded, obedient and cute. “Yes.”

Ye Wangchuan looked at the candy pill and thought it looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it before.

Shen Qiongzhi saw Qiao Chen leaving excitedly, only to come back with a pale face. Distressed, she pulled her aside and told the servant to serve her hot soup. She even took Qiao Chen’s temperature, afraid that her old illness was acting up again.

“What’s wrong, Chen Chen? Did it not go well? Fu Ge’s nephew didn’t like you?”

Qiao Chen angrily grabbed the corner of her clothes and hissed furiously. “I’ve never seen a kid like that! I tried to please him, but he wouldn’t even give me face.”

Seeing that she didn’t like Ye Qichen, Shen Qiongzhi showed a look of distaste and said disapprovingly, “It’s okay, don’t be angry. It’s just an ignorant child. I heard that he stays with the woman’s side and doesn’t live with Fu Sinian. No matter how hateful he is, it won’t affect you much in the future.”

“I hope so.”

At the thought of how confident she had been about pleasing the child, and how the child had completely disregarded her, Qiao Chen’s heart burned in rage.

Especially on the way back, Madam Fu’s attitude towards her had been extremely cold, which had made her even more upset.

At this moment, she thought of something and raised her head. “Mom, is dad back?”

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