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Chapter 65: Completely Different Person

If it had been anyone else, she would have flared up after such a violation.

However, it was him, and he was inextricably linked to Jiang Li and the Jiang family.

She stiffly suppressed her irritability.

Her lips were pursed, but her contour lines revealed her discomfort and irritability.

… Or did he think that she would let herself be led by the nose every time?

“Chen Chen is the child you saved last time.” Ye Wangchuan took her schoolbag and realized how light it was. He didn’t ask her about it and said slowly, “He has been throwing tantrums to see you ever since he woke up. Do you want to go and see him? We’ll go back afterward.”

He already made it so implicit, how could Qiao Nian refuse?

In the VIP ward area on the 8th floor, the Fu family and Qiao Chen had already returned.

Ye Wangchuan opened the door and entered with Qiao Nian.

The child with his back to the door heard the door opening and said in a muffled voice without turning back, “I’m not hungry, nor do I want to play with toys. Don’t pretend to come and see me, get out!”

Ye Wangchuan’s voice was low and slightly threatening. “Qichen, get up.”

Upon hearing his voice, the tiny child on the bed seemed to squirm a little under the quilt, but he remained with his back facing them.

He didn’t give him the tiniest bit of face!

Ye Wangchuan’s temples bulged severely.

But he couldn’t do anything to him.

He shouted again, “Qichen, I’m talking to you. Do you hear me?”

Gu San chuckled inwardly.

Back then, Master Wang had been so arrogant and self-willed in Beijing before the Young Master’s birth. After that, he had been suppressed and had lost his tenacious hold, all because there was someone more capricious and lawless than him!

It just so happened that the Young Master’s biological mother and Master Wang’s cousin, Miss Yuchen, had died from severe loss of blood after giving birth to the prince. She had entrusted the Young Master to Master Wang before her death.

Since young, Master Wang had a good relationship with Miss Yuchen. Since she had entrusted him with her child, he couldn’t possibly be careless about his nephew.

“Ye Qichen!” Ye Wangchuan called the name of the little devil on the bed, his voice sounding angry, his eyes filled with indigence.

Gu San tried to ease his anger and quickly held him back. “Master Wang, Nian Nian is still here.”

Ye Wangchuan rubbed his throbbing head. Having been angered by the little devil, he had almost forgotten about Qiao Nian’s presence.

“Let me.”

Confidently, Gu San walked over and said, “Young Master, get up.”

“No!” Ye Qichen’s voice was full of anger, but at least he wasn’t ignoring them.

Gu San persisted further. “Don’t you want to see who’s here?”

Ye Qichen remained unmoved and refused to turn around. “Haha, do you think I’m a three-year-old kid?”

What kind of young kid was he!

Amused, Gu San stood up straight. “Oh, Master Wang, since Young Master doesn’t want to get up, you can send Miss Qiao back first.”

When the child heard the words “Miss Qiao”, he lifted his quilt in one fell swoop and quickly sat up. “I’m up! I’m up!”

Qiao Nian saw the boy turn and stare at her with a pair of shining eyes. He was about five years old, with flushed cheeks and a jade-like face, looking incredibly obedient. At this moment, his earlobes were slightly red, and he was staring at her shyly and happily, making her feel inexplicably pleased.

“You…” After so long, Ye Qichen finally saw the big sister who had rescued him that day. He was so excited and embarrassed and afraid that she would have a bad impression of him. Squeezing the quilt in his hands, he fiddled with it for a long while before finally whispering, “I-I’m Ye Qichen. Hello, big sister.”

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