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Chapter 67: They’ll Definitely Agree

Shen Qiongzhi watched her finish the chicken soup, then took the empty bowl and said indifferently, “Why are you looking for him? He’s busy and has a meeting in the evening, so he might return later.”


Qiao Chen wasn’t surprised. After all, their family had developed well in recent years, and the company had skyrocketed and successfully been listed in the market, so her dad was very busy.

She remembered what Fu Sinian had said that night and said casually, “Brother Sinian heard that our family has a good relationship with Cheng Feng Corporation and asked me for a favor. He said he went to an auction a few days ago, and the President of Cheng Feng Corporation bought a very precious Chinese medicine that all the big figures in Beijing want. He wants us to discuss with Cheng Feng Corporation and see if they can give the medicinal materials to the Fu family.”

Throughout her long years of dating Fu Ge, the Fu family had always treated her unsatisfactorily, and neither denied nor accepted her identity. Their attitude towards her had always been vague.

Now that Fu Sinian was finally asking her for a favor, she had to do it well so that she could hold her head up high in front of the Fu family!

Qiao Chen attached great importance to this matter, so she asked seriously, “Mom, when dad comes back tonight, you must explain this matter to him well. He must make the people from Cheng Feng Corporation agree to give the medicinal materials. We can give them as much money as they want.”

Shen Qiongzhi didn’t really take it to heart and just patted the back of her hand in comfort. “Don’t worry, we’ve always had a good relationship with Cheng Feng Corporation. All of their theaters have been handed over to us to build. This is a trivial matter, I’m sure they’ll definitely agree.”

Qiao Chen finally showed a satisfied smile. “Mom, I’ll go and take a shower first.”

“Go on.”

Shen Qiongzhi watched her go upstairs, then turned and picked up her phone. She hesitated a while, then called Qiao Weimin to explain Qiao Chen’s request.

The next day.

First High School’s principal office.

Shen Hui got up early in the morning and received the news. She didn’t even supervise the morning class and ran to the principal’s office first.

“Knock knock.”

She knocked on the door twice, and the principal’s voice sounded.

“Come in.”

Shen Hui opened the door and went in.

“Principal, is the Chen Yuan who you approved to suspend back then coming back to school?”

Upon seeing her come in with a look of fury, Principal Yu put down the pen in his hand, leaned back on his leather chair, and smiled. “Teacher Shen, don’t be so nervous. Chen Yuan’s results weren’t bad, and he only missed some classes. If he slowly makes up for it, it’ll be fine.”

The blue veins on Shen Hui’s forehead throbbed, and she protested stubbornly. “Principal!

“Chen Yuan didn’t just miss one or two classes, he took a full three months off from school!”

Still smiling like a generous Buddha, Principal Yu said, “It’s just three months, he can make up slowly for it.”

“But the school exam is about to start soon!

“At that time, all classes will have their results. Our class already has Qiao Nian, and if Chen Yuan comes after taking a three-month leave, how are we supposed to take the exam? Class A has always been the top class in First High School. If my class loses to the other classes, what about my pride in teaching class A?”

Her voice was filled with outrage and indignation. Principal Yu sighed and couldn’t answer her perfunctorily anymore. He had no choice but to tell her the truth. “Teacher Shen, Chen Yuan is definitely coming back to study, and he just returned to the original class he was in. This matter has no room for discussion. I’ll tell you this, I can’t make a decision about this matter.”

Beijing’s Wei family had personally come to find him and asked the school to give them face. Who would dare to say no?

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