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Chapter 617: Get Sister Nian to Return to Rao City Sooner

He frowned, his handsome face tensing up. With a serious tone, he said to her, “But this place isn’t Rao City! Beijing isn’t a place where you can act as you wish. A lot of people here who look unassuming actually have backgrounds you can’t even fathom. While in Beijing, it’s best that you stop treating people so rudely the way you usually do. It’s fine that you’re talking to me like this today. I won’t hold it against you, since we’ve known each other for so many years. But if it’s someone else, they might not be as understanding, get it?”

Qiao Nian had no idea why he said that she treated people rudely, nor why he had the confidence to lecture her like this. His voice was like an annoying buzzing sound by her ears. Qiao Nian furrowed her brows and put her hands in her pockets. She was about to say something.

At this point, Fu Ge’s cell phone rang.

He took a look at his cell phone. It was a call from Wen Ziyu.

He dared not ignore his call, so he suppressed his irritation to pick it up, trying to sound as calm as possible.

“Hey, Young Master Wen.”

He took a look at the girl in front of him again and felt troubled and annoyed. “Mm, I’m in the hotel. Yes, I saw her. I’ve gotten the wrong person. It’s just someone with a very similar back view. Alright, I got it, I’ll be right back.”

With that, he hung up and kept his cell phone.

He then turned towards Qiao Nian again and said in a warning tone, “I have something on later and have no time to tend to you. You’d better go back soon. This isn’t a place for you, get back to Rao City.”

Qiao Nian was very irritated by him by now. She pulled her cap lower and said unpleasantly, “I don’t need you to worry for me, just look out for yourself!”

This was enough to leave Fu Ge with no words. He felt his fury rise but did not have the time to even it out with her, as he had to rush to meet Wen Ziyu. Even so, he felt that she wasn’t being diplomatic about things. He was obviously being nice to give her some reminders, but she did not appreciate it at all and even left him without an out.

Chen Chen wasn’t like that.

He believed that if Qiao Chen was in the same situation, she would definitely handle it better and make things easier for both parties. She wouldn’t turn things ugly.

With this in mind, Fu Ge felt a lot calmer.

He kept his cell phone, straightened his suit, and said coldly, “Suit yourself. I’ve said what I needed to say. If you want to stubbornly insist on your own ideas, there’s nothing I can do about it.”


Stubbornly insist on her own ideas? Qiao Nian felt as if she had been forced to swallow a fly. She was nauseated by his words. He was spouting nonsense, but she really did not bother to talk things through with him.

Fu Ge had wanted to ask her about the examinations initially. He wanted to know if it was like what Wen Ziyu said, that she had gotten into Qing University with a perfect score. But Wen Ziyu was calling him again.

Seeing the girl walk away, he picked up the cell phone as he started to walk back to where he came from. “Hello, Young Master Wen. Give me a minute. I’m heading back already.”

Meanwhile, at the party.

They were in the ballroom. Nie Mi looked very energized today.

He was in a brand new traditional Chinese outfit. His white hair was combed back neatly, with not a single stray strand visible. His usually stern face had softened a lot today as he welcomed the guests.

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