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Chapter 616: You Run This Hotel?

“What?” He was still thinking about why Qiao Nian would appear here and did not react in time.

She looked up at him with her pretty face, and her dark eyes gazed into his. She said calmly, “I asked, do you run this hotel?”

This was enough to shut Fu Ge up. This hotel was obviously not owned or run by him!

How could he possibly have a five-star hotel on the prime Chang’an Street of Beijing? This was not just about whether he had the money, but also the status, power, and family background.

He had heard that the boss of this hotel was also the boss of Imperial Mansion.

This sort of person was way out of his league!

Qiao Nian embarrassed him. Fu Ge turned slightly pale, and he said in a low voice, “This is school hours. What are you doing here in Beijing instead of attending classes in First High School? Don’t you need to study?”

Qiao Nian had no idea what was wrong with him. Why was he spouting so much nonsense? She had slept an entire day and her neck was strained now. With Fu Ge coming up to accuse her for no reason, her eyes turned cold and she took her earphones out. “Whether I attend classes or not doesn’t seem to be any business of yours.”

Fu Ge felt a little taken aback and ashamed by her distant attitude. He clenched his fists and said coldly, “Qiao Nian, you don’t have to treat me like an enemy!”

What a joke.

Qiao Nian looked at him, her stance clear. “We’re not friends.

“I remember telling you very clearly outside First High School that it’s best we don’t acknowledge each other when we bump into each other in the future. I said that I hoped you would stay away from me as much as possible. What are you trying to do now, coming up to me and saying so much?”

Fu Ge’s expression sank.

He didn’t expect Qiao Nian to still remember that conversation at the school gate after all this time. She even brought it up now, embarrassing him further.

Having been in the Beijing social circle for this long, he was used to even arch-enemies and competitors greeting each other civilly and politely when they met in public settings.

He was accustomed to the way they interacted, and how they usually did not make things ugly for the other party. Now that he faced Qiao Nian—someone who did not even bother saving face for him—he actually had no idea how to deal with her or to lessen his embarrassment.

Fu Ge thought for a long time before managing to come up with a sentence. “I’m doing this for your good, this isn’t a place you should patronize. This isn’t Rao City! The people who have come today are rich and powerful. If you have a conflict with anyone here, it won’t be as easy to settle as if you were in Rao City.”

Qiao Nian had no idea he was here to attend Nie Mi’s birthday banquet as well. She now regretted agreeing to come.

Had she known that the banquet would be full of such irrelevant people, she would have asked him out privately the previous day and celebrated with him already.

Anyway, it was the same well wishes. She didn’t necessarily have to celebrate it on this very day.

“I don’t need you to bother yourself with my matters. Just mind your own business and Qiao Chen’s.”

“Qiao Nian!” Fu Ge was truly upset and ashamed now. He called out her name and then said between clenched teeth, “You don’t know what’s good for you, do you? I’m reminding you out of concern, not trying to take revenge on you or hurt you.

“I don’t know what you’re doing here. I just want to remind you that the event being held today is very important, and many powerful figures in Beijing will be attending it. You should’ve already seen a few faces that you had only ever seen on television. This isn’t Rao City. I know your network is large there, and you’re used to being so wild and arrogant.”

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