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Chapter 618: It’s Different Now, With Zhui Guang Here

As the potentially greatest master in the country, he had to entertain many people who came forward and wanted to speak to him. Nie Mi was rather old, after all. He got tired from speaking so much to so many people and was starting to show some signs of fatigue.

The Nie family juniors noticed that right away and spoke to many of the guests on his behalf, instead of letting them speak to him directly.

But for people like Wen Ruxia who were closer to him, they did not stop them.

Wen Ruxia was in an almond-colored dress. Her long, curly hair was let down and she looked more feminine and less domineering than usual.

She brought two young people with her.

Wen Ziyu and Fu Ge were both rather tall. One of them was just over 1.80 meters, and the other was about 1.78 meters tall. Standing by her sides, the two handsome guys in suits attracted many gazes.

Wen Ruxia was used to such attention and did not mind it. She walked towards Nie Mi, who was resting.

She smiled. “Master Nie, am I late?”

Nie Mi wouldn’t be bothered to respond if it was someone else. But seeing that it was her, he asked, “You’ve come?”

“Mm.” Wen Ruxia went closer, with her smile still on. “The roads were congested, so I’m a little late. But my blessings are surely not late. Master Nie, may your happiness be as immense as the East Sea, and may you live as long as the Zhongnan Mountains. May you enjoy all that you wish for.”

“I don’t need to live so long. At this age, I don’t ask for more. Every day is a bonus, and all that matters is that I cherish it and leave no regrets.”

Nie Mi was evidently in a good mood. He added, “But now, I won’t be leaving any regrets.”

Wen Ruxia knew what he was referring to. It was none other than Zhui Guang agreeing to participate in the music exchange convention.

The guests for the music convention this time would involve music experts from within and outside the country. All his life, Master Nie had been trying to promote traditional music to the world, but he had not been able to find someone who could do this for him. He was getting older, and after him, there was no other traditional music master. All that he worked for and was fond of would have no room for existence.

But things were different now, with Zhui Guang here.

Wen Ruxia immediately thought about that girl’s outstanding looks. She could understand why he felt so strongly about this.

Zhui Guang was a very charismatic person herself. She was the sort of person whom people would naturally look towards.

If she was willing to step forward to promote traditional music, Wen Ruxia believed that traditional music would be an area of interest or even a trend in the country…

With that thought, she looked around but did not see that figure in the ballroom. She retracted a gaze with slight disappointment.

Zhui Guang wasn’t here to attend Master Nie’s birthday banquet?

She thought that given their relationship, Zhui Guang would surely come to celebrate his birthday.

“Oh right, Master Nie.” Disappointed as she was, Wen Ruxia did not forget her other task. She got Wen Ziyu and Fu Ge to come forward and said, “Let me introduce two people to you.”

“This is Wen Ziyu, the nephew I’ve always talked about.”

After introducing Wen Ziyu, she kindly mentioned Fu Ge. “This is his classmate, Fu Ge.

“Both of them are students from Qing University. When they knew that Qing University’s honorary professor was celebrating his birthday, they insisted on coming along.”

Nie Mi looked towards the two of them and nodded without much expression. “Hello.”

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