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Chapter 615: Confirming That It Is Qiao Nian

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The moment she turned her cell phone on, a few notifications appeared.

They were all from the same person.

Nie Mi.

[Girl, are you up yet]

[It’s almost noon, you’re still asleep? Send me a message when you’re up.]

[Are you still asleep?]

[Reply me when you see this. Don’t stand me up.]

He sent messages from eight in the morning till the afternoon. The last message was sent an hour ago.

Qiao Nian looked at the time, it was five-thirty in the afternoon.

Nie Mi asked to meet at six for dinner, at her hotel.

At this point, the alarm on her cell phone rang. Qiao Nian turned it off, replied Nie Mi, then took the warm towel off and placed it on the table. She picked up the cap by the side and put it on, making sure that it hid her tired eyes. Only then did she leave the room with her room card and cell phone.

Luxury cars gathered outside the hotel.

Fu Ge and Wen Ziyu had come as well.

He wasn’t invited, actually. But yesterday, Wen Ziyu had heard that he liked Master Nie, and so decided to bring him along.

As they walked into the hotel lobby, Fu Ge saw how grand it was. He inhaled deeply and tried to maintain his composure so as not to reveal how foreign this was to him.

“Enter with me later. We’ll sit at the same table. I’ll introduce you to Master Nie if we have the chance.”

Wen Ziyu was in formal attire as well and looked more mature than usual. However, compared to Qin Si, Ye Wangchuan, and the rest, he still looked very much like a greenhorn who had not truly stepped into society. The innocence of a student could still be seen in him.

He turned around and said to Fu Ge softly and with some hesitation, “But Master Nie is very busy today, I might not have the chance to speak to him.”

“It’s alright. It’s already an honor to be able to attend his birthday banquet.” Fu Ge was rather good with his words, and he managed to quell his awkwardness. “Leave the rest to luck!”

Wen Ziyu’s expression softened, and he led the way without saying more.

Walking in their direction was an elder he knew. He went forward to greet them.

Besides Wen Ziyu, Fu Ge knew nobody there. He felt a little awkward standing around, not knowing what to do.

He might as well check out the place.

All of a sudden, in the corner of his eye, he saw the familiar figure once again.

This time, he was sure his eyes were not playing tricks on him. That person was Qiao Nian!

What was Qiao Nian doing here?

Fu Ge couldn’t control his legs. He hurried towards the guy who was still speaking politely to his elder and said, “Young Master Wen, I see my friend. I’ll go and say hi to her before coming back.”

Before Wen Ziyu could respond, he rushed off.

“Qiao Nian.”

Qiao Nian had just come down from the hotel room and was not walking quickly. She was looking down on her cell phone this whole time, so she was shocked to hear someone call her name. She stopped, turned around, and saw Fu Ge striding towards her.

She hadn’t eaten, but she already felt full now.

Fu Ge couldn’t detect the hint of annoyance on her face, or rather, he chose to ignore it.

He stopped before her and asked, almost as if he was interrogating her, “What are you doing here?”

He furrowed his brows and chided. “This isn’t a place for you.”

Given his tone, it was as if they were on very good terms. Or, at least, as if they had not previously turned against each other.

Qiao Nian was surprised by his reaction.. She wondered if he had short-term memory loss. Pulling her cap down, she said with irritation, “You run this place?”


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