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Chapter 613: Not Wanting to Tell Her Family How Impressive Qiao Nian Was

“I’ll give you a treat tonight, then!” Ye Lan grinned widely before turning around as if she had just noticed the others in the room. She said to Qin Si in high spirits, “Qin Si, bring your friends along, it’s my treat tonight.”

Qin Si was speechless.

Zhang Yang as well.

And so were the rest of the group.

So, the middle-aged auntie they were expecting was actually Ye Lan!!

And just now, Qiao Nian had casually declined this big boss’s invitation, telling her that she was meeting someone else tomorrow!

Even with that response from her, this all-powerful lady from the Ye family did not get upset at all. Instead, she looked at her affectionately and even wanted to treat everyone to dinner.

Zhang Yang was so shocked, he couldn’t say a word. Seeing how casually this girl interacted with Ye Lan, he really took his hat off her!

Tang Wanru was trimming the plants in the Jiang family villa. Seeing Jiang Xianrou return, she elegantly put her scissors down, wiped her hands with a towel, and got up. “Xianrou, you’re back? How’s Old Master Wei’s condition?”

Jiang Xianrou took off her scarf and met her curious gaze. She wasn’t in a good mood as she replied, “He’s conscious now. He needs time to recover slowly.”

“Old Master Wei’s conscious?” Tang Wanru was rather surprised by this news, but she smiled reservedly. “Professional Liang Lu has her ways, indeed. The Wei Family went to so many local specialists, but nobody dared to take on this surgery. The moment Professional Liang Lu comes forward, Old Master Wei is finally out of the woods. No wonder everyone calls her the best neurosurgeon.”

Seeing her delight, Jiang Xianrou’s face froze. She responded with a tired “Mm.”

She tightened her grip around the scarf. It was as if she had something lodged in her throat; she couldn’t say a word.

What could she say, anyway?

Tell her mom that the person who got Old Master Wei out of danger was not her teacher but Qiao Nian?

Jiang Xianrou looked at Tang Wanru’s well-maintained face and thought about how many times she felt as if she’d been slapped today. On this thought, she couldn’t bring herself to tell the truth.

She had called her dad earlier on when she was with the Wei Family. Her family had no idea that Qiao Nian was in Beijing. If she told Tang Wanru what exactly happened in the Wei Family today, that was equivalent to telling her grandpa and her dad just how impressive Qiao Nian was.

Jiang Xianrou subconsciously grabbed her scarf more tightly. She had been so used to being the best, she couldn’t bring herself to admit that someone might be better than her, especially when this person happened to be the cousin she had always looked down on.

She simply couldn’t say it!

Fortunately for her, Tang Wanru never even considered that there could be someone more capable than Liang Lu in the country. Hence, after asking about Old Master Wei’s condition, she put the Wei Family matters aside and did not think more about it. She took the scarf from Jiang Xianrou and said seriously, “Right, tomorrow is Master Nie’s birthday banquet, you have to be at your best. Wei Ling wants to help Shen Jingyan’s niece earn the apprenticeship under Master Nie. I’ve asked around, she’s gotten that girl a place at the music concert in Rao City two weeks from now. Master Nie will be there, too.

“They found means and ways to get there, surely because of Master Nie. You have to be one step ahead of them and get Master Nie to be your mentor first.”

Countless people in Beijing wanted to learn under Master Nie. She believed in her daughter’s ability, but that was not enough. In order to apprentice under someone of that caliber, she needed opportunities and some chemistry as well.

Her daughter was a blessed child, nobody should get it if not her daughter.

Jiang Xianrou didn’t say anything, simply because she never found Qiao Chen a threat.

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