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Chapter 614: Looking Down on It but Wanting It, Anyway

Qiao Chen had participated in the same competition as her previously, and Jiang Xianrou had just won first place after beating Qiao Chen by a little. However, it was later found out that Qiao Chen had plagiarized.

This showed that Qiao Chen herself was not too capable.

People like her did not intimidate Jiang Xianrou at all.

“… Have you gotten someone to vet through your current composition yet?” This opportunity was too important. Tang Wanru was concerned.

Jiang Xianrou forced herself to forget what took place at the Wei Residence today and nodded with a slightly more relaxed expression. “It’s done. I’ve analyzed Zhui Guang’s pieces before. She simply added some traditional elements into rock music, that’s all.

“This time, I used her methods and especially got a group of traditional artistes to help me integrate the traditional parts into the piece. Master Nie should like it.”

She felt much more confident as she brought this up. Her back straightened as she told Tang Wanru, “I didn’t really want to follow someone else’s style. I’m me, and I believe that my original composition is good as it is. The prize I won at the competition previously already proves that my style is alright. I came in first, which says that my composition is fine.

“It’s just that Master Nie likes traditional music. If I don’t include traditional elements, he might just use the same excuse to reject me again.”

She didn’t enjoy or like Zhui Guang’s music style, but for the sake of the apprenticeship under Master Nie, she had to learn to copy some elements of it.

For someone with that much pride, this was a form of humiliation.

Jiang Xianrou pursed her lips and thought for a while. She then lowered her voice and said, “… When I successfully become Master Nie’s disciple, should I learn the violin or continue with the piano? Playing the konghou is alright, just for the exposure, but it’s already outdated! Look at all the concerts in the world, which high-end concert would feature a konghou, guzheng, erhu item, or the like? Now, only the piano and the violin are featured. And if I want to make it to the international stage, I need the piano.”

She respected Master Nie’s achievements in music, but she wanted to scale greater heights. The konghou… was not worth her time.

She couldn’t understand why Master Nie was so bent on sticking to traditional instruments. Was it not good to keep up with the times?

“I don’t agree with giving up the piano to learn the konghou, either.” Tang Wanru had the same sentiments. “You were already past Grade Eight on the piano a long time ago. You’re at the performance standard now, it doesn’t make sense for you to give up something you’re so good at to force yourself to learn something unfamiliar. But you know Master Nie’s personality. The konghou means a lot to him.”

Jiang Xianrou knew that as well. This wasn’t a secret in the field!

But the konghou was too difficult to master. Many techniques were no longer being passed down.

No matter how she learned, she wouldn’t be able to perfect it.

Tang Wanru said, “It’s been so many years and he hasn’t found a suitable successor. It isn’t strange that he’s biased towards traditional music. After all, it was because of traditional music that he’s made a name for himself! Just go along with what he likes and be more open in your genre. Once you get past this round, it’ll be alright.”


Jiang Xianrou nodded. Without wasting more time, she said, “Mom, I’ll go and practice the piano now. I’ll make some more changes to the composition.”

“Go ahead.” Tang Wanru didn’t try to stop her. She smiled and watched her go up the stairs, all excited for tomorrow.

The following day.

Qiao Nian only woke up in the evening.

After a deep sleep, she found herself having a strained neck when she woke up. It hurt to rotate her head.

Qiao Nian got up and took a shower, then changed into a new set of clothes. She held a warm towel to her neck as she walked out of the bathroom and picked up her cell phone, which was left charging overnight.

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