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Chapter 612: Ye Lan Is Here

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Qiao Nian came from Rao City, so he automatically assumed that the Aunt whom she was referring to was a middle-aged lady touring Beijing. On that thought, Qin Si picked his cell phone up and got up. “I’ll go out to receive her. When will your aunt arrive?”

Qiao Nian didn’t know the Lan Pavilion well, nor whether Ye Lan was a member here. She furrowed her brows slightly and shrugged. “She said she’d be right over, I’m not sure how long that is exactly.”

“Why don’t you call to ask?” Qin Si wasn’t afraid of trouble. He was just worried that Qiao Nian’s aunt would find it awkward if she was stopped at the entrance and not allowed to enter.

Qiao Nian was holding her cell phone and was just about to give Ye Lan a call as well.

As they were discussing, someone knocked on the door.

One of the people in the room went to open it.

Qin Si turned to the door.

Upon seeing who had come, he called out, slightly stunned, “Aunt Ye?”

Ye Wangchuan was an esteemed figure in Beijing. If Wen Ziyu’s circle referred to the rich second-generation heirs, and Ye Wangchuan and Qin Si’s circle included an even younger group, then Ye Lan definitely belonged to what was known as the most powerful middle-aged circle.

Even someone as carefree as Qin Si dared not act casually in front of her. He quickly straightened up with respect and said, “Aunt Ye, why have you come?

“Are you looking for Master Wang?” He thought that Ye Lan had heard they were hosting an event here and had come to look for Ye Wangchuan. He explained presumptuously, “Master Wang isn’t in Beijing.”


Everyone else present knew Ye Lan’s status and identity as well, and they all sat upright like worried chicks.

“Why would I be looking for him?” Ye Lan scanned the room and saw the girl sitting in the corner. She walked in and approached Qiao Nian with a bright smile. “I’m here for Nian Nian.”

With that, she spoke to Qiao Nian endearingly. “I told the business partner we can meet another time. Did you wait long?”

Qiao Nian looked up and shook her head, replying naturally, “Nope.”

“That’s good.” Ye Lan seemed to be very fond of her, given her warm smile. She sat right beside Qiao Nian. “Oh, right. Wangchuan said that you’d be coming to Beijing, but he didn’t tell me that you’d be staying for a few days. You aren’t rushing to return this time, are you?”

Qiao Nian thought for a while and said a little apologetically, “I’m more or less done settling the matters here. I might be returning the day after tomorrow.”

Ye Lan was at the Wei Household today and knew why she had specially made a trip down to Beijing this time. Although she found it a pity, she didn’t say much more. “Do you have anything on tomorrow, then? If not, I’ll take you to the attractions nearby.”

Qiao Nian turned around and first glanced at Qin Si, who had offered her similarly just now. She then looked towards Ye Lan, who was waiting for her answer in anticipation. She was embarrassed to decline her. “Aunt Ye, I have something on tomorrow. I’ve already made an appointment.”

The last time she celebrated her birthday, Nie Mi had flown back just for her. If she stood him up tomorrow, that would be overboard!

Ye Lan was disappointed but did not blame her. Instead, she smiled and patted the girl’s shoulder kindly. “No worries, we’ll see how it goes for you. If you have time, we’ll go have a look at the attractions. If not, there’s always the next time. There’ll be many opportunities in the future. Do you have any appointments tonight?”

Qiao Nian had originally planned to stay for just another half hour before returning to the hotel to catch up on her sleep. Now, she had no choice but to change her plans. She looked directly into Ye Lan’s warm eyes and shook her head.. “Nope, no appointments.”


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