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Chapter 573: Chen Chen, Don’t You Know What Happened at School?

Wei Ling didn’t notice the change in her expression. She nodded and said calmly, “Your commemoration banquet is in the banquet hall on the third floor of Huanyu Hotel this weekend?”

“Yes, Aunt.”

Wei Ling adjusted her shawl and said coldly, “I understand. I’ll call Professor Cheng Wu later and tell him.”

Qiao Chen couldn’t hide the joy in her eyes. Before she was done being happy, she saw Shen Jingyan walking to the staircase with his phone. He frowned and asked her, “Chen Chen, do you know what happened in First High School?”

Qiao Chen’s smile froze as she subconsciously hugged the score in her arms tightly. Her expression did not look good as she shook her head nervously. “I… I don’t know.”

Wei Ling glanced at her and turned to look at Shen Jingyan. “What happened?”

“I don’t know, either.” Shen Jingyan held his phone and said with a headache, “Nian Nian called me just now and asked me to bring Chen Chen to school. I think something happened there.”

When Wei Ling heard Qiao Nian’s name, her expression darkened. She pulled a long face and said unhappily, “What’s she trying to do again?! Chen Chen is no longer a student of First High School. Why did she ask you to bring her over?”

“I don’t know. That’s why I asked if Chen Chen knew.”

Shen Jingyan also remembered that Qiao Chen had transferred her school register to Rao City’s Fifth High School before she participated in Qing University’s joint examination. Logically speaking, she was not under First High School’s jurisdiction. But…

He raised his head and looked at Qiao Chen. His eyes were a little warm as he said gently, “Chen Chen, go and pack up. Come with me to First High School to see what’s going on.”

A trace of coldness appeared on Wei Ling’s lips as she snorted coldly. Although her expression was ugly, she still raised her chin and did not say anything.

Wei Qi was still in her hands. Even if she hated Qiao Nian to the core, she could only suppress her temper and let it be.

At this moment, the black Phaeton had stopped in front of the school building.

Ye Wangchuan opened the door and got out with her. He said naturally, “I’ll go up with you.”

Initially, Qiao Nian didn’t want him to follow her. However, her eyebrows moved slightly and she did not say anything in the end. She just nodded indifferently and walked in front.

This wasn’t her first time going to the principal’s office. She had been there a few times before. Qiao Nian was very familiar with the way and arrived outside very quickly.

She didn’t barge in. Instead, she stood at the door and knocked politely twice. Her eyes were filled with banditry as she said in a deep voice, “Sir, I’m Qiao Nian. Can I come in?”

The principal’s voice immediately came from inside.

“Come in.”

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes and lowered the brim of her hat before walking in.

She walked slowly and even a little casually. Her posture was relaxed, but her aura was so strong that it was difficult to ignore her existence.

“She’s Qiao Nian?”

As soon as Qiao Nian entered, she heard a woman’s sharp voice.

Her voice was frivolous and filled with disdain. “You look like a hooligan. No wonder you fought outside the school!”


Qiao Nian looked up lazily and saw quite a lot of people inside the office. Other than Principal Yu, a few Year Three form teachers were also there. There were also a few middle-aged men and women about the same age as the form teachers. Next was Wu Jie, who was standing in the corner silently.

Perhaps sensing her gaze, the girl standing in the corner quickly looked up and glanced in her direction. She then immediately lowered her head guiltily and avoided her gaze.

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