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Chapter 574: I’m Her Guardian. What’s Wrong?

Qiao Nian didn’t care. She only glanced at her and slowly retracted her gaze. She walked up to Shen Hui and restrained her arrogant expression, then said politely, “Teacher Shen.”

“You’re here?” Shen Hui rubbed her head and said with a headache, “I didn’t want to call you here, but…”

With the situation being like this, Wu Jie had even called her parents over.

Wu Jie’s parents were also members of the Home Committee. When her mother caused a ruckus in the parents’ group chat, many parents of the Home Committee also ran to the school and asked them to give an explanation.

She didn’t expect Wu Jie to have so many thoughts.

She could only get Qiao Nian to come over.

Before she could finish, Qiao Nian already knew what was going on. She held her shoulders and lowered her eyes comfortingly. “I know, Teacher Shen. You don’t have to explain to me.”

“You were the one who fought with someone outside the school and crippled him. You even bullied my daughter in school and formed gangs to isolate the other students?”

When the woman saw that no one was paying attention to her, her face darkened again and she questioned loudly.

“Where are your parents? Are you the only one here? Don’t your parents care about you?”

Ye Wangchuan had his hands in his pockets. His face was rather eye-catching. From the moment he entered, he had deliberately restrained his aura. At this moment, he narrowed his eyes and looked at the troublemaker. He said loudly, “I’m her guardian. What’s wrong?”

When the principal saw him, the back of his head hurt. Why was this master coming to school with her? Were they treating this matter lightly?

Hopefully, this matter could be settled properly today. Otherwise… it was still a question if his position as First High School’s principal could be kept.

“You’re her guardian?”

The woman with curly hair looked at him in disbelief. “So young? Don’t tell me she found someone outside the school to pretend to be her guardian.”

No one had spoken to him in such a tone in a long time. Ye Wangchuan raised his eyebrows in amusement.

The principal was afraid that he would be angry, so he quickly explained, “Wu Jie’s mother, this is Qiao Nian’s guardian. I’ve seen him before.”

“Is he really her guardian?”

Liu Linuo still did not believe him. She looked at Ye Wangchuan suspiciously and slowly retracted her gaze. She reluctantly gave the principal some face and said, “Alright. Since the principal has said so, I’ll treat him as Qiao Nian’s guardian. She’s here herself and so is the guardian. The school should give us an explanation for her violation of the school rules, right?”

“About this…” Principal Yu quickly glanced at the silent man standing at the side and said, “We haven’t investigated this matter clearly yet. Besides, we just called a few students from Class A over. They all said that Qiao Nian did not bully anyone in the class. We haven’t seen her fight anyone, either. It was all Wu Jie talking about it. We still don’t know the specifics…”

The woman sitting there suddenly raised her voice and questioned unhappily, “Principal Yu, are you saying that my daughter is lying? I know my daughter the best. She’s good at her studies and has a good personality. She has been one of the top students in the school since she was young. Her grades are also among the top in your school. She can’t be lying.

“Since she said it, she must have been bullied by this hooligan a lot! Since her classmates don’t dare to say it, it means that she’s used to being domineering in class. No one dares to make a sound.”

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