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Chapter 572: The First Wave of Humiliation

Qiao Nian scrolled through the comments and saw that many people were attacking her.

They said that she only got first place through the back door.

Some people also said that she was jealous of Qiao Chen. In order to squeeze out the position of the school belle, she had schemed and forced Qiao Chen to transfer schools. In the end, Qiao Chen turned around and got into Qing University, but their school did not get to bask in her glory…

She took a look. Most of the people were shouting and cursing with other people’s support.

She could guess the identity of the people making a fuss in the thread. Needless to say, they were most likely the people following Qiao Chen.

Qiao Nian couldn’t be bothered to continue reading. She casually opened an app, and Wu Jie’s post on First High School’s forum disappeared.

She had deleted the post.

Qiao Nian took out her phone’s contact list and made a call.

“Uncle Shen, please bring Qiao Chen along to school.”

On the other side, Shen Jingyan happened to be at the Qiao Residence.

He hung up and turned around to see Wei Ling and Qiao Chen coming down from the second floor.

Wei Ling hadn’t slept well these past two days. Her exquisite makeup couldn’t hide her fatigue. She didn’t look as poised and elegant as before, but her aura was still there. Although her face did not look good, the pride and arrogance nurtured by life could still be seen in her.

She was talking to Qiao Chen.

“You still have to practice this song a little more. Many masters from the music industry will be attending this exchange. With your current standards, you still won’t be able to amaze Master Nie. Fortunately, there’s still half a month left. During this period of time, you can only practice more, especially when facing someone like Zhui Guang who isn’t on the right track. You can only walk the path of a stupid bird flying first. Hard work can make up for your lack of talent…”

When Qiao Chen heard her use a light tone to say that she couldn’t compare to Zhui Guang and could only rely on hard work to make up for the difference, she felt a little uncomfortable inside. However, she was an extremely sensible person. She was very smart and did not rebut Wei Ling. She hugged the score and nodded obediently. “I understand, Aunt. I will practice more.”

“Okay.” Wei Ling’s expression softened a little. She looked at her again and said half-heartedly, “You don’t have to worry too much. I’ll definitely make Master Nie accept you this time.”

Even if she had to use her family’s name this time, she had to make Master Nie accept Qiao Chen. This way, the gap between her and that wolf cub would widen!

When Wei Ling thought of this, she thought of her younger brother, who was still at the police station. The blood in her chest surged, and she almost couldn’t hold back her anger. Her eyes were gloomy as she looked at the girl beside her and asked, “By the way, has the date of your commemoration banquet been fixed? Which hotel is it?”

“Yes, it’s in the banquet hall on the third floor of Huanyu Hotel.” When Qiao Chen heard her mention the banquet, she nervously held the score in her hands tightly and did not dare to look at her. Her heart was in a mess as she replied very softly, “It’s this weekend.”

When she woke up in the morning, she especially went on First High School’s forums. Indeed, she saw Wu Jie’s post.

She casually shared the post with Xu Xu and Cai Yan and then ignored it.

Qiao Chen pursed her lips and calculated the time in her heart.

With Xu Xu and the others posting comments to set the pace, the matter should have been more or less settled. She just didn’t know how the school would handle Qiao Nian.

Since the matter had blown up so much, the school definitely had to give an explanation to the other students and their parents. It was impossible for them to shield Qiao Nian anymore!

With this thought, Qiao Chen felt slightly relieved and let out a sigh of relief.

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