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Chapter 559: Leave a Ticket for Sister Nian Even If It’s Hard to Get

“The music event this time is big. It will be organized by the Wen Family. It’s very hard to get invited to this event as it is a small private event. I heard about this event from my auntie. I initially wanted to go, but I wasn’t able to get an invitation.”

Glancing around, his gaze landed on Jiang Xianrou again. He smiled and said, “But you’re Miss Jiang. I feel that you should have been invited to the event.”

Jiang Xianrou had outstanding talent. She was famous in both the entertainment and classical music circles. She was a talented woman who was famous among all the celebrities in Beijing.

At this moment, she picked up her glass of agave wine and swirled it. She was trying to conceal the triumph and pride hidden in her eyes. She tucked the stray strands of hair behind her ears and raised her chin slightly; with her outstanding facial features and exquisite makeup, she looked stunning. She smiled proudly and admitted to the people around her. “Well, I did receive an invitation for this event. I’ll be attending it.

“It will be my honor to attend this music event with Master Nie and the other professionals. I’m looking forward to learning many new things.”

Someone just said that this event was very exclusive and that it was hard to receive an invitation.

Now, Jiang Xianrou admitted that she had received an invitation and was going to attend this event.

Even Zhang Yang had to look at her differently now. His originally cold attitude turned a little warmer.

It was evening already, and Qiao Chen was following Qiao Weimin home from the provincial hospital.

She was thinking about the music event the whole way.

Reaching the entrance, she said, “I’m home.”

Shen Qiongzhi quickly stepped out and said, “Chen Chen, are you home?”

She put her hands on Qiao Chen’s shoulders, caressed her face, and looked at her from the left and right. She was so excited that her eyes were reddish. She choked a little and said, “You have grown thin. Look at these eyebags. Have you not been sleeping well recently?”

Qiao Chen said disapprovingly, “I have been busy preparing for the examination and practicing with the piano at night recently. I didn’t have much time to sleep.” She then shrugged off her hands and said impatiently, “Mom, please let me in first. I’m tired.”

“Oh my goodness! Look at me. I was so excited that I forgot that we’re still standing here. Come on in.” Shen Qiongzhi let go of her and followed her into the house. She excitedly said, “I’m stewing some pigeon soup. I’ll prepare a bowl for you once it is done. The helper said that this soup will help replenish your energy. You’re so tired from the examination and your health is declining. You should drink this soup to make up for your lost nutrients.”

Qiao Chen didn’t reply. She walked over to the sofa, bent down to take a glass of water, and took a sip.

She was a little annoyed because it always felt like she was being nagged at.

Shen Qiongzhi was so happy that she didn’t notice that Qiao Chen was annoyed. She spoke excitedly. “I have booked a hotel to celebrate you passing the examination. This time, we won’t be going to the Waterside Pavilion. I have also informed my relatives of the location. We’ll be having a feast in the banquet hall on the third floor of Huanyu Hotel. I have also invited your former Form Teacher, Teacher Chen. In addition, I have also invited some of your father’s business partners.”

When she finished speaking, she asked Qiao Chen a question. “Chen Chen, do you have anyone else you want to invite? Do you want to invite your classmates? You can invite them if you want to.

“Initially, I wanted to organize a huge feast to celebrate your admission into Qing University. However, your father said that it was too high-profile. He suggested only inviting our relatives and some friends for dinner. Although I agreed, a celebration should be more lively with more people. If you have any friends or relatives you wish to invite, you can let me know. We can still afford to accommodate them.” Her face expressed regret as she explained the plans to Qiao Chen in frustration.

Hearing this, Qiao Chen thought of something. She looked at her and said, “My aunt said that I should invite Professor Cheng Wu. In addition, I’d like to invite Brother Fu and Auntie Fu.”

She looked down on her classmates in Rao City, such as Xu Xu and Cai Yan. Naturally, there was no need to invite them.

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